About Lixil

LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) is the global market leader in the sanitary ware industry, commanding leading positions across key regions and an unrivalled multi-brand, multi-category, multi-channel sales platform.

Through powerful, well established brands renowned for quality and innovation including GROHE, American Standard, INAX and Cobra, we provide a full suite of bathroom and sanitary ware designs and technologies catering to all customer needs, from the luxury to the value ends of the spectrum. 

Today's bathrooms are far more than a functional space for cleaning and washing, having evolved into a place for comfort and relaxation. LWT products are bringing treatments that we are more used to experiencing in a spa into the home, while digital technologies open up a whole new set of opportunities, including greater user control over settings, integration of sounds and music.

While pursuing comfort and convenience, however, we must also be mindful of consumption of our most precious natural resource, water. The challenge is to reduce water consumption while giving the user a great experience. We are constantly researching and creating solutions that allow us to do more with less, such as changing the angle and design of our products to reduce water usage and waste.

At LWT, we embrace the evolving role that our products play in people's life, health and comfort. As the global leader in the field, we are committed to pursuing innovation in technology and design to enhance our customers' experience and securing sustainability.

LIXIL was born in 2011 through a merger of five of Japan's most successful building materials and housing companies. Since then, we have expanded internationally by acquiring some of the most trusted names in our industry, including American Standard and GROHE. We provide a comprehensive array of products and services through four major business units: LIXIL Water Technology, LIXIL Housing Technology, LIXIL Building Technology, and LIXIL Kitchen Technology, as well as Japan-based business units covering sales, distribution and retail, and housing services.

Today, we are a global enterprise with over 70,000 employees worldwide. Whether for a modern office in a business complex, a family home, an airport or museum, our ambition is to create good living through a focus on living technology that truly enhances our everyday lives.