Transform Your Bathroom Into a Modern Space with Concealed Toilet Flush Systems

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Modern Space with Concealed Toilet Flush Systems

The designs of bathrooms have evolved over the years from trends seen in the 80’s through to the what we are now seeing in the modern era. Toilets especially have evolved over the years when it comes to design as well as technology.

Toilet flush systems have transformed from the simple workings of a mechanical flush mechanism to more advanced, automated and concealed flushing systems.

Today, concealed toilet flush systems are incredibly popular and make the perfect toilet for modern bathroom designs. They are stylish, easy to use, convenient to clean and provide quieter, if not silent toilet refill.

Concealed toilet flush systems are toilets where the cistern is ‘hidden’ within the wall behind the toilet pan or mounted onto the wall, forming additional shelf space. These concealed systems make use of a flush plate on the wall to initiate flushing. There are currently two types of flushing systems: Electronic and pneumatic.





This toilet flushing system is a touchless technology where a person is able to wave their hand in front of the flush plate, or is simply is automated once a person moves away from the toilet (such as is found in public spaces) in order to trigger flushing.

Electronic flush systems are ideal in homes with forgetful flushers or where the spread of germs needs to be minimised as much as possible.



These flush plates work with a pneumatic hose, that connects the flush plate to the flushing mechanism. Air moves from the button through into the flush valve to trigger the flush. The benefits of using a pneumatic hose system is that there is less chances of product failure, due to them being less working parts to actuate the flush.


GROHE sanitary systems have been created to ensure simple installation whilst providing high quality, innovative toilets and cisterns that are beautiful in form as well as function.

The GROHE Uniset system is easy to install and allows for fast and mess-free alterations. It can also accommodate a wide range of cistern placements within the bathroom, providing flexibility in your home.

Owing to the pneumatic system of the GROHE concealed cistern, connecting the toilet to the cistern is simply completed by attaching the flush plate to the pneumatic hose. Rapid installation and universal connection options make GROHE concealed cisterns ideal for the modern bathroom.

GROHE Uniset also boasts GROHE Whisper technology to ensure a silent toilet refill system to ensure fellow home users are not disturbed, especially during the night time and provides the user discreet bathroom usage.



When it comes to design, GROHE offers a range of modern flush plates in various ranges to suit every bathroom design.

Available in a range of shapes from square, round and lozenge to suit every bathroom design. Pair your toilet flush plate with a complementing GROHE basin mixer for seamless design.

GROHE Glass Cover provides a clean, slim, modern design to suit even the most luxurious bathroom and covers all elements of the toilet’s plumbing in one seamless, stylish design.

These systems are easily serviceable by merely clipping off the actuator plate which allows you access to all the working parts. GROHE concealed cisterns is certificated to hold up to 400kg’s in weight.

Browse the range of GROHE concealed cisterns and flush plates to suit every bathroom’s requirements and design.

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