Create Your Very Own Luxury Modern Bathroom with GROHE

Create Your Very Own Luxury Modern Bathroom with GROHE

When it comes to bathroom renovations, GROHE brings you the culmination in bathroom luxury, innovations and functionality.  Creating your luxury modern bathroom is a breeze with GROHE.  

Let us help you to find your perfect match and create your very own luxury modern bathroom!

GROHE Cube Ceramic

Minimalistic, chic, cubist geometry… these are all the visuals that should come to mind when you visualise GROHE Cube Ceramic.  As part of our Perfect Match range, GROHE Cube Ceramic creates a luxury modern bathroom, with ease.  

GROHE Cube Ceramic enables you to create a harmonious bathroom design with every element complementing each other with seamless intention.

Pair a wall-hung Cube Ceramic basin with Eurocube two-hole basin mixer for a minimalistic, luxury bathroom basin. The Eurocube basin mixers fit into the wall for concealed aesthetic appeal and is another ‘must have’ in the luxury modern bathroom.  

Add the Cube Ceramic Wall-hung toilet and the Skate Cosmopolitan Flush Plate to match the modern luxury of this bathroom.  

GROHE Essence

If your luxury bathroom desires is a place of relaxation and quiet retreat, then the GROHE Essence range is for you.  Natural calming, ergonomic lines and effortless aesthetic appeal to create a home spa experience.  

The GROHE Essence freestanding bath mixer compliments a luxurious free standing bath centred in the middle of the bathroom to create a show piece.

The Essence Raised Basin Mixer compliments the Essence Vessel Basin and is aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom.

GROHE Bau Ceramic

A more formal, simple and clean bathroom design calls for GROHE Bau Ceramic. Softened edges providing a subtle style and modern touch for the perfectly balanced bathroom. If you are looking to renovate the bathroom, then GROHE Bau Ceramic is your perfect match.  

A BauEdge Pillar Tap positioned on a Bau Ceramic Drop-in basin, paired with a Bau Ceramic Wall-hung toilet will offer clean design lines and a modern bathroom renovation.  

Euro Ceramic

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom for a lifestyle-based needs and functionality, yet without compromising on quality and luxury, then GROHE Euro Ceramic is the choice for you.

Practicality, comfort and style for the entire family lies within this luxurious range of bathroom products. The Euro Ceramic Basin provides fantastic functionality with luxurious design, paired with the Eurosmart Cosmopolitan basin mixer for the perfect match.

Add the Euro Ceramic Full Pedestal to this basin for a luxurious, clean finish.  

When it comes to your shower, this bathroom calls for an innovative shower that provides water temperature and volume customisations for absolute showering indulgence. The GROHE Smartcontrol enables you to adjust water spray patterns, adjust water temperature and switch to hand shower, instantly at the touch of a button.  

This shower remembers your specific customisations for you next shower without the need to wait for your water to warm up at the start of your shower.  You can even switch between a head and hand shower, or experience the indulgence of both at the same time.

Whatever your personal style and functionality desires, GROHE Perfect Match has an indulgent and luxurious solution planned out for you.

Leading international products and supreme functionality brought to your bathroom, and kitchen with GROHE.