Choosing the Right Toilet Flush Plate

Choosing the Right Toilet Flush Plate

Concealed toilet systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern, discerning home owners. There are many benefits that a concealed flushing system and wall hung toilet can offer; these include modern aesthetics, silent flushing and easy cleaning to mention but a few.

If you’ve made the choice to install a concealed toilet cistern and wall hung toilet in your bathroom then the next item on your checklist is to select the right toilet flush plate. It is important to note that if you have purchased a GROHE concealed toilet system, that other brands of flush plates will not be compatible with your toilet – so you will need to ensure you select a GROHE flush plate.



GROHE toilet flushing systems are unique in that they make use of pneumatic flushing. A flush system that was specifically selected by the GROHE team because there are less working parts required for actuation.


Less working parts means that there is a reduction in product failure because the actuation process is controlled internally by the pneumatic hose. There are other benefits of pneumatic flushing systems which we have discussed previously.

GROHE concealed cisterns enable simple installation with only one person required to carry out the process. The ability to tile directly onto the cistern is another unique benefit of GROHE’s concealed toilet cisterns.

Our stainless steel flush plates are vandal resistant, which makes them an ideal solution for public spaces where parts and systems need to be protected for longer lifespans. GROHE also supplies flush plates that are suitable for paraplegic use.



A unique benefit of the GROHE concealed cisterns is that one actuator plate will fit all our cisterns, so choosing your flush plate is a matter of personal taste. There is no need to sift through the lower range of flush plates because they don’t match your selected cistern. High quality is priority at GROHE.

Choosing your GROHE flush plate is as simple as selecting the one you love the most!
GROHE flush plates are available in both single and dual flush, which you select is complete personal preference as both dual and single flush will match any of our concealed cisterns.

Our flushing buttons are available in square, round and lozenge shapes which provide a range of stunning design aesthetics for your bathroom. Select whichever shape matches your personal taste or bathroom design.

You can select your GROHE flush plate from a range of ABS plastic in chrome and white colours; with our black finish debuting soon. We also offer a range of glass actuator plates for an incredibly luxurious finish to any modern bathroom.

A favourite actuator plate amongst the GROHE team at present is the Skate Cosmopolitan moon white glass plate. This incredibly unique and stylish flush plate provides a beautiful, stylish finish with the added benefit of water saving technology due to the dual flush that allows the user to select between a short or longer toilet flush.



The incredibly superior technology of the GROHE concealed cisterns and flush plates allow us to continue to expand on the aesthetic appeal of our systems.

We have seen an increase in demand for colours in many of the GROHE products so we are continuing to expand products that cater to modern trends. You are now able to colour match your GROHE taps with your toilet flush plate.

“GROHE concealed cisterns technology meets sustainability and affordability.” – GROHE South Africa.

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