Your Perfect Shower Experience with GROHE

Your Perfect Shower Experience with GROHE

Taking a shower is so much more than simply cleansing your body.  A shower cleanses your body, mind and soul.  A shower can awaken and invigorate for the day ahead, or it can relax and calm ahead of bedtime.  At GROHE, showering is an experience that indulges all of the senses and our innovative shower technology ensures that you get the very best out of your daily shower. 

GROHE manipulates the physical properties of water with our innovative, advanced shower technology to enhance and customise your ideal shower experience.  We have shower products to match every desire and functionality requirement, and we cater for every need: from creating your very own personal home spa to the hard working daily showers suitable for the entire family.  


GROHE Shower Sprays

Behind every GROHE shower is our DreamSpray technology.  A technology that provides unparalleled shower experiences with innovative technology to distribute water through each nozzle with utmost precision and consistency.  

Expanding innovations and technology advancements have led to the release of further GROHE shower spray technologies such as:

GROHE Bokoma Spray: a ‘breathing’ effect that imitates a relaxing fingertip massage with the eight flexible nozzles.

GROHE Rain O2: a shower spray technology that combines water droplets with air to provide a fuller, more powerful shower spray experience.

GROHE one-click shower spray selectors on our showers ensure that you can switch between your desired shower sprays without having to rotate the shower head or click through various spray patterns.  

GROHE shower sprays guarantee precision, comfort, customisation and water-saving capabilities.  


The family shower experience

The buy family household requires a hard-wearing, tough shower range that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of family life.  Welcome, GROHE Tempesta!  Befitting the contemporary family household with stylish looks and practical features, Tempesta hand showers have been created with anti-shock silicone rings which wrap around the spray plate to prevent damage to the shower or bath if the hand shower happens to be dropped.

Tempesta also incorporates GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern which restricts the water flow to 9.5l per minute.  
GROHE Tempesta offers a wide range of shower heads from 1-spray rain shower heads to 4-spray shower heads that include a Rain O2, Massage and Jet and Massage spray in one, which enables you to customise your shower experience as you and your family wish.  

The contemporary shower experience

Think luxury and functional excellence – this is GROHE Euphoria.  This shower system is a luxurious modern, contemporary shower system that matches in functional perfection. GROHE DreamSpray combined with GROHE TurboStat ensure that this shower system delivers on all the benefits of a fully-customised shower experience with the inclusion of a head shower, hand shower and a thermostat.

The head shower can be swivelled as per your specific positioning requirements and the Euphoria hand shower seamlessly adjoins the external shower system with consistent geometric design.  Perfect for the contemporary household seeking a luxurious and advanced showering experience.  


The luxurious spa shower experience

GROHE Rainshower Cosmopolitan provides a luxurious rainfall shower experience that will mimic time spent at the day spa.  The rain shower experience is enhanced with GROHE DreamSpray technology to ensure perfectly distributed water spray through all of the shower head nozzles.  This shower head allows a +/-20 degree turning angle and the single, yet luxurious rainshower spray pattern that will transport you into the rainforest for each shower experience.  


Customised spa shower experience

GROHE tailor-made showering allows you to customise your shower preferences and experiences to suit your specific needs and unique desires.  For a daily shower spa experience, GROHE F-Digital Deluxe allows you to transform your shower into your very own personal spa.

You can choose between lighting options, shower sprays and relaxing steam along with your favourite music options.  GROHE F-Digital Deluxe works with the GROHE SPA App on both Android and iOS, enabling you with a single movement of the hand, to create your perfect shower experience.  

Creating your perfect shower experience with GROHE is effortless, with guaranteed functionality precision and luxuriously modern aesthetics.  

Leading international products and supreme functionality brought to your bathroom, and kitchen with GROHE.