Lixil Africa - About Us

Everyone dreams of a better home. At LIXIL Africa, we use the power of water to make bathroom and kitchen products that help make better homes a reality for everyone in Africa, today and in the future.

We believe bathrooms are not just functional spaces for cleaning and washing; they are places of personal comfort, relaxation, and transformation. We see kitchens as more than just a necessity to fulfilling our appetites; they are spaces to unlock our inner creativity, curiosity, and joy. 

Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we deliver pioneering innovations through our well-loved home-grown brands, which include Cobra, ISCA, Vaal Sanitaryware and Libra, all of which have a strong heritage in South Africa.  GROHE, Plexicor, and Apex complete our offering to African consumers, who can count on us for kitchen and bathroom products that solve real-life challenges. 

But we are mindful that water is Africa’s scarcest and most precious natural resource, too. That’s why we are continually searching for and creating solutions that allow us to do more with less, such as adapting the shape and design of our products to reduce water usage and protect the world we live in. There is potential to do so much more, and our local brands are committed to bringing improved sanitation, better water efficiency, and the joy of careful design to diverse communities.

LIXIL Africa is the South Africa-based division of LIXIL, which makes water and housing products that touch the lives of more than a billion people around the world, every day.