LIXIL Africa warrants that their products will be clear of material and manufacturing defects. Appraisal of the above will be done against ruling manufacturing specifications and standards at the date of manufacture. Defective product will be repaired or exchanged at LIXIL Africa’s sole discretion. LIXIL Africa shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage.


  • Products used with water pH falling outside of the guidelines set by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry or similar body
  • Products not installed by a registered or accredited installer
  • Products fitted with unbalanced water pressure
  • Products fitted without an inline strainer
  • Products used with or included in installations where water temperatures are outside of the temperature range stipulated for that product, or as laid down in the Standards for water supply and drainage (SANS 10252 & 10254) or an equivalent international standard
  • Products not installed according to LIXIL Africa’s or its suppliers’ installation instructions or according to valid Water Regulations and general good plumbing practice
  • Products which have failed as a result of dirt or debris in pipe-work which has not been flushed prior to the use of terminal fittings
  • Where a defect is attributable to the incorrect use or incorrect handling of the product
  • Where routine maintenance has been neglected
  • If spare parts other than the original spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product;
  • If damage was caused by transport by a third-party transporter
  • If products are used or intended for display purposes
  • If consumables (e.g. filters, filter cartridges, aerators or batteries) or material subject to wear and tear (such as seals or hoses) are affected
  • If product damage is as a result of chemicals and cleaning agents, lime-scale build-up, aggressive environmental influences, or disruptions resulting in damage which are caused by freezing or lime-scale build-up
  • If the defect is caused by specific environmental circumstances (e.g. excess or negative pressure in the line, excess voltage or under voltage on the line)
  • If the defect is attributable to willful or negligent damage to the product by the user or a third party
  • Any product installed in such a manner that it is not accessible to do maintenance will not be covered under our warranty

LIXIL Africa reserves the right to review any specific case in order to assess the validity of this warranty. LIXIL Africa may charge a discretionary service fee as may be reasonably determined by itself from time to time, when called out to inspect products which are not LIXIL Africa products or where there is an illegitimate claim.



    • Baths - 10 Years
    • Shower Trays - 10 Years
    • Basins - 10 Years
    • Sinks - 10 Years
    • Urinals - 10 Years
    • Bidets  -10 Years
    • Toilets - 10 Years
    • Toilet Seats - 6 months
    • Shower Heads - 5 Years
    • Shower Rails - 5 Years
    • Wall Outlets - 5 Years
    • Shower Arms - 5 Years
    • Shower Accessories - 5 Years
    • Trigger Sprays - 5 Years
    • Bathroom Accessories - 5 Years
    • Kitchen Accessories - 5 Years
    • Bath spouts - 20 Years
    • Single Levers, including G-23975003 Grohe Hybrid mixer - 20 Years
    • Single Lever Economy (Zambezi, Nile, Amazon and Seine ranges) - 10 Years
    • Medical - 20 Years
    • Public - 20 Years
    • Rough Brass - 20 Years
    • Screw Down - 20 Years
    • Thermostatic - 20 Years
    • Multi Way Diverter - 20 Years
    • Electronic - 2 Years
    • Colour finish excluding chrome - 2 years
    • Sinks Stainless Steel - 25 Years
    • GROHE - 10 Years
    • GROHE actuator plates - 10 Years
    • Cobra - 3 Years
    • Cobra actuator plates (with PVD coating) - 3 Years
    • Cobra actuator plates (all other coating) - 2 Years
    • Ceramic disc cartridges excluding cartridges used in the economy single lever mixer ranges - 15 Years
    • Ceramic disc cartridges used in the economy single lever mixer ranges (Zambezi, Nile, Amazon and Seine ranges) - 2 Years
    • Cartridges used in Demand and Metering Taps - 2 Years
    • MLP pipe system, (must be used with Cobra compression fittings and Cobra-Safe inserts or warranty shall be void) - 10 Years
    • Crimp MLP pipe system (must be used with Cobra crimp fittings or warranty shall be void) - 10 Years
    • Compression fittings excluding rings and capnuts - 20 Years
  • FLUSH VALVES - 2 Years
  • GEYSER VALVES - 2 Years
    • Angle Valves - 2 Years
    • Ball Valves - 2 Years
    • Check Valves - 2 Years
    • Float Valves - 2 Years
    • Gate Valves - 2 Years
    • Strainers - 2 Years
  • WASTES - 20 Years
    • AP-20/25 - 1 Year
    • APT-15 - 1 Year
    • BB-40 and BB-50 - 1 Year
    • FLT-150B - 1 Year
    • PB-20 and PB-25 - 1 Year
    • RA-20 - 1 Year
    • RES-32, RES-40 and RES-50 - 1 Year
    • RESDL-32, RESDL-40 and RESDL-50 - 1 Year
    • VSBALL - 1 Year
    • 220P-15, 220P-20 and 220P-25 - 1 Year
    • BB-32 - 1 Year
    • XF25/20 - 1 Year
    • XS25/20 - 1 Year
    • LSEV-400;22CXC - 5 Years
    • LSEV-600;22CXC - 5 Years
    • TP-600;M and TP-400M - 5 Years
    • GEYSERP-400 and GEYSERP-600 - 5 Years

Note: Cartridge warranties are void should the cartridge be damaged in a situation where there is no inline strainer/filter.


This warranty shall apply in the above-mentioned scope and subject to the above-mentioned prerequisites. Proof of purchase will be required.
This LIXIL Africa warranty is carried by LIXIL Africa. Please contact our Service Department on +27 (0) 861 21 21 21 for warranty enquiries or further warranty information.

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  1. Cancellation of orders:

    In the event that an order has been placed with LIXIL Africa, the order will remain valid unless and until cancelled by you. A cancellation will only be
    deemed valid if requested prior to the order being picked at one of our distribution centres.

    If no cancellation is requested and the order is rejected at the point of delivery, that cancellation will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee to cover the cost of picking, packing and delivery. The cancellation fee will be calculated as a percentage of the overall invoice inclusive of VAT.

    Deductions from your payment for goods to be returned prior to the goods being physically returned will not be accepted. You may only deduct the
    value of the return once the goods have been collected. We request that you retain the following information as proof of the return:
    Name of the courier

    • Driver’s name
    • Registration number
    • Date of collection
  2. Upon arrival of stock at your store:

    You have 48 hours from the time the stock arrives at your chosen location to check your stock and lodge a claim with our Supply Chain team regarding any shortages. This will be investigated by us and if we find that there was a shortage, a credit note will then be passed on your account for that product.
  3. Financial claims being raised prior to collection of returned stock:

    Unauthorized collections cannot be processed as a financial claim before the approval and collection of stock. Any financial claims for unauthorized
    collections will not be processed and the total amount due on your account shall remain your responsibility to settle as per your trade terms
    unless approved by our Finance team. Once the return has been approved, we will send a courier to collect the goods.

    Please send your sales return approval request to our Reverse Logistics team who can be contacted on lzareverselogistics@lixil.com
  4. Process for planned returns:

    (i) Please contact our Reverse Logistics team on lzareverselogistics@lixil.com to confirm the items you wish to return and attach your goods return document;
    (ii) The Reverse Logistics team will obtain approval from you BDA as well as the Regional Sales Leaders for the items to be picked up and where approved, a field consultant will come through to your store to inspect the goods;
    (iii) Once the inspection is complete, the Reverse Logistics team will uplift the goods immediately.
    (iv) Should your claim be declined your BDA will be in contact with you.
    (v) Please note that the turn around time for the approved return stock to be uplifted is within 7 working days from date of claim received.
  5. Permissible reasons for stock returns:

    -Technical fault in products sold and delivered to the customer
    - Incorrect labelling or no barcode on the packaging
    - Description of goods per the delivery note differs to the actual goods delivered to the customer
  6. Sales returns exclusions (not permissible for return)

    - Discontinued items may not be returned
    - Aged stock may not be returned unless permitted by a current trade agreement
    - Price adjustment returns are not permitted
    - An exclusive range may not be returned, unless there is a warranty in place that permits the return of the exclusive range
    - Specially manufactured goods i.e. special orders may not be returned
    - Orders not cancelled in accordance with agreed terms i.e. stock picked, packed and shipped OR ready for shipping
    - Pricing credit queries will not be considered in respect of orders placed on the B2B portal where pricing is clearly displayed
    - Where box packaging has been damaged at the customer’s premises whilst the goods were under the control of the customer, the goods are not allowed to be returned to Lixil Africa (unless there is a manufacturing fault/defect in the goods)
  7. General (Below is a list of contacts for your use):
New Orders  lzaorders@lixil.com

Queries re: Shortages (POD to be clearly marked)
Call Centre

 0861 21 21 21
 (Option 1 for Sales)

Order Cancellations


Reverse Logistics Team  lzareverselogistics@lixil.com