A Day in the Life of the Lixil Africa Team

Meet the people at LIXIL Africa who are building and maintaining the trust of millions of customers, through actions, not just words!


Spend a day in the life of our team and witness the magic of our work ethic and the pride behind those who work beneath the LIXIL Africa brand. Our carefully selected team members represent the heart and soul of our brands and are passionate about helping our customers get the very best out of our products and solutions.

A Day In The Life Of LIXIL Africa

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A Day In The Life Of LIXIL Africa

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A Day In The Life Of LIXIL Africa
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With LIXIL Africa you can rest assured that there are compatible genuine spares and upgrade alternatives available for all of our products. Where there's a Cobra, GROHE, Vaal or Apex product, there's a solution!

Some of the industries strongest product warranties

Training and supporting homeowners and professionals who install our products

Respond to callouts within 48 hours

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We've built and maintained your trust for the last 70 years, and strive to do so for the next 70!

We have a long track record in plumbing and are proud to house a knowledgeable internal training team

Our team of seasoned professionals have been in the business for many years and are passionate about teaching and imparting their knowledge to others

They work closely with various industry bodies, customer, and clients to ensure that the industry understands how to install and maintain Cobra, GROHE, Vaal and Apex products.

The LIXIL Africa Promise
Meet our customer care team