Our Upgraded GROHE Eurosmart Range Of Kitchen And Bathroom Taps Is Here

Our Upgraded GROHE Eurosmart Range Of Kitchen And Bathroom Taps Is Here

Design, technology, and sustainability – all elements of the GROHE brand DNA, and entrenched in our products.  Here at GROHE, we strive to offer the most up-to-date and technologically advanced range of kitchen and bathroom taps to our customers. Due to this, we are constantly updating and enhancing our current product offerings available to the market.

Our newly upgraded EuroSmart range of bathroom and kitchen taps is now available. This exciting upgrade to one of our staple product ranges welcomes sustainability improvements, design optimisations, as well as technological advancements.  Functional precision being truly met with the upgrade of this range.

Our EuroSmart 2022 range is the result of years of research and industry expertise, where our global specialist teams have consolidated to optimise an already high functioning range of bathroom and kitchen mixer taps.  



What can you expect from GROHE EuroSmart 2022?


  1. Design Optimisations

    The GROHE EuroSmart range of bathroom and kitchen mixer taps have had minor, yet effective design optimisations to improve user comfort and the ergonomic handling of our taps.  The enhancement of the spout with an increased spout angle provides improved user comfort, and to shed remaining water droplets from the tap.

    The mixer tap lever design updates have resulted in a more ergonomic lever handle that provides more space between the spout of the tap and the lever, ensuring increased comfort for all users of the tap.

    A more upright design of the tap provides a straightforward and modern look suitable for contemporary homes.

    A minimalistic lift rod offers simple usability and clean lines to the design of the tap.

  2. Technological Advancements

    The introduction of GROHE Zero provides plastic waterways, ensuring that tap water supplied is free of any nickel or lead particles or contamination. A slimmer GROHE SilkMove ceramic disk cartridge provides superior operation within the tap.

  3. Sustainability Improvements

    The upgraded GROHE EuroSmart basin mixer taps are fitted with 5.7 l/min flow restrictors to provide maximum water saving capabilities.  


The GROHE taps EuroSmart range upgrade caters for all existing products in the range, with the inclusion of one new product: the raised, straight spout basin mixer.  

This exciting new addition to the GROHE EuroSmart range offers an ergonomic handle with increased space between the spout and lever for superior comfort.  The top of the mixer taps’ spout is curved, to shed remaining water droplets from the tap, and an angled spout provides ample user comfort with precision water spray.  EcoJoy 5.7 l/min flow restrictor ensures maximum water saving capabilities.

GROHE and LIXIL Africa are excited to release the newly upgraded EuroSmart kitchen and bathroom tap range to the market.  

Leading international products and supreme functionality brought to your bathroom, and kitchen with GROHE.