Our CSR Initiatives


LIXIL Africa CSR Initiatives

Water is life and at LIXIL Africa we are passionate about water. We are also very passionate about people which lead to the development of our strong partnerships and programmes in our communities.


Community Empowerment and Gender Equality

Following the community forums success and the need for community upliftment, LIXIL Africa started working very closely with the local communities in 2018 on a programme called “An Introduction of Basic Plumbing & Entrepreneur Ignition”. This programme was born to empower communities with Trade skills and the necessary knowledge on “How to Register a Business” as well as “How to Construct a Business Plan”.  

The programme is made up of 4 phases:

  • How to repair a leaking tap
  • Repairing a leaking toilet cistern
  • How to construct a  Business Plan
  • How to Register a Business

LIXIL Africa has fulfilled the role of guidance to attendees where government has funds available for start-up or established businesses e.g. National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) assists our youth up to the age of 35 with grants and Small Enterprise Development Agencies(SEDA) assist with a free financial course etc.


LIXIL Africa Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

At the end of 2018 LIXIL Africa signed a 3-year Letter of Intent with the Department of Water and Sanitation making LIXIL Africa an official partner. The private public partnership is intended to uplift communities in rural and urban societies by providing them the necessary tools to open their own businesses and become independent, tax paying citizens.

This was done not necessarily with our programme in mind, but to use it as a catalyst to unlock entrepreneurs within these communities. The programme is aimed to lessen the burden on social grants thus freeing up funding to do more, but importantly bolster the lower to medium class through SMME growth. This will lead to the creation of jobs and opportunities for all in communities and reduce the possibility of civil unrest.

Since its inception, the programme has grown from strength to strength and has engaged with more than 2700 people from different communities in South Africa. The mandate of the programme is to create Water Saving Ambassadors across South Africa to help protect our precious resource but also try to create a sustainable income for the unemployed which is in line with the UN SDG goals of which we have 5 focus areas:

  • Goal 1: No Poverty
  • Goal 2: Zero Hunger
  • Goal 3: Gender Equality
  • Goal 4: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Goal 5: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Ladies coming from a Gender Based Violence (GBV) background have been the focus for this initiative Lead by Igsaan Hugo, our National Training Manager. Our humble programme has helped victims of GBV regain confidence, gain resources and motivate them to escape their abusive circumstances and break the dependency of their abuser by becoming self-sustainable. This empowers them to provide themselves and their children with an opportunity for a better future.

Furthermore, the programme has broadened the horizon of attendees by promoting Plumbing as a viable career. The programme encourages sharing the knowledge obtained from the programme and most importantly paying it forward by helping a fellow individual without expecting anything in return.

Below are current communities we are currently engaging with:

Western Cape:

  • Matzikama
  • Clan William
  • Kannaland
  • Oudtshoorn
  • Beaufort West
  • Oudtshoorn Youth
  • Prins Albert
  • George
  • Plettenberg bay
  • Kliprand
  • Mitchells Plain
  • Macassar
  • Heideveld
  • Eersterrivier
  • Boys & Girls Town
  • Browns Farms
  • Gugulethu
  • Trapsuuitjies
  • Teen Challenge
  • Saldanha
  • Khayelitsha
  • Retreat
  • Brooklyn Community Forum

Eastern Cape

  • King Williams Town
  • Tamara


  • AbafaziPhambili
  • Orlando East
  • Diepkloof



 • Community Day

Cape Town - 14 October 2022

LIXIL Africa collaborated with NPO Save a Fishie together where we did a Beach Clean-up and collected 80kg of debris at Lagoon Beach. 16 x Community members from Maccassar participated and was treated to lunch after the fun filled day.

Thereafter, we did an introduction to Basic Plumbing and Entrepreneurial Ignition workshop in Hanover Park and Brooklyn.





The inland team was the star team of this year's LIXIL Community Day, a collective effort with DWS and Emaplatini Heritage Site made yesterdays' event very successful. LIXIL Africa replaced 18 x toilet cisterns, 18 x Toilet seats, installed 2 x new basins and 11 x new Cobra Screwdown taps and serviced existing flushvalves at Mzamo Primary school in Soweto.

The day would not have been successful without the full team's support including the phenomenal support we received from National Service Manager Victor Gericke's team, truly an award winning After Sales Team. Radio and Television interview took place with Soweto Community TV.

The inland Team truly displayed what can be achieved through teamwork.



Kwa-Zulu Natal - 15 October 2022

Here LIXIL Africa collaborated with NPO SA Harvest , and selected Beachwood Mangrove as the site to clean up. Lead by Brendon Devaraj more than 120kg of debris was collected by his KZN team.

Great effort by our team for coordinating and planning a Successful Lixil Community Day 2022




 • Water Conservation

Water Saving Ambassadors

As we continue our war on leaks each attendee is knighted with a water saving ambassador of his/her community at the end of the programme.

Here we encourage each attendee to speak up to their community members when they witness littering and wastage of water as it has dire consequences on our ecosystems and our precious resource.

However, we promote safe engagement with community members.

Mitchell's Plain Plumbing Forum

Prins Albert DWS Forum Members


 • Female Empowerment

Gender Equality

The old African proverb: “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a NATION.” Upskilling these women will provide them with the very basic skills of plumbing but enough to try and create a sustainable income. Plumbing remains a male dominated industry and we aim to make this career path more accessible to women. Should any of the women wish to pursue a career as a professional plumber, our team will direct them to an appropriate institution.



Woman's Day

Every year we honour the women in the plumbing industry, as well as regular women who get through challenging days. For Women’s Day we have special guest speakers who provide advice, share their stories and motivation and help to inspire the women of Africa. Once we have hosted these inspirational women, each lady receives an attendance certificate and our guest speakers receive a small gift.


Mandela Day

We celebrated Mandela Day by training and upskilling women on plumbing skills.



Annual Hygeine Pack Drives

To date, we have successfully distributed 759 hygiene packs to various schools and we are aiming to reach 1000 by December 2022. These hygiene packs are aimed at helping students to maintain personal hygiene and keep girls in school.




 • Youth Empowerment

Youth Day

Annually we host youths from across the Western Cape and offer guidance in terms of career choices, especially trade. We also encourage our youth to be more aware of the environment and educate them on the importance of not wasting water. At LIXIL Africa we strive to be a positive role model for our youth.




 • Notable National Days

Global Hand Wash Days

One of our main events of the year where we combine forces with DWS. Last year we worked with the Kurland Community.


World Toilet Day

In 2021 we hosted 62 member of the Oudtshoorn community and introduced them to Basic plumbing skills as well as the importance of toilets and good Sanitation. DWS was key to this event. Here we promoted Sustainable Development Goal 6.


Department of Correctional Services

Our Letter of Intent to facilitate training at the Department of Correctional Services has expired, however are in the process of renewing our agreement.



 • Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries in Kenya

We carried out a hygiene drive in Kenya.



Breaking Boundaries in Chipatta Zambia