Our Services


At LIXIL we are passionate about keeping our customers happy even after they have purchased one of our products.  We believe  that our products will last a life time if they are installed properly and have an extensive aftersales service team nationally.  Each of the team members are qualified plumbers in their own right and between them have many years  experience working across all our products and brands.  This award winning team are passionate about delivering great service to our clients.

We are also really easy to get hold of with a customer service line 0861 212121.  This call centre is manned by seasoned professionals who can help you out with all your after sales needs.


We have a long heritage in plumbing and are proud to house an internal training team.  Our team of seasoned professionals have been in the business for many years and are passionate about teach their craft to others.  They work closely with various industry bodies, customers and clients to ensure that the industry understands how to install our brands and products.

We have a digital training series that can be viewed at any time.


Warranty :

Read our full warranty letter

  • 10 years Taps & Mixers, Wastes, Capillary- and Compression fittings    
  • 3 years Showerheads 
  • 2 years Electronic Mixers components and Valves 
  • 2 years Valves (Geyser and Toilet) 
  • 10 years Cobra-Safe multi-layer pipe system (must be used with Cobra compression fittings and Cobra-Safe inserts or warranty shall be void) 
  • 10 years on all baths 
  • 20 years on baths with Amanzonite coating 
  • 10 years on all sanitary ware 
  • 6 months on all toilet seats supplied by Vaal Sanitaryware