How to Choose a Toilet for your Bathroom Design and Personal Needs

How to Choose a Toilet for your Bathroom Design and Personal Needs

When it comes to a bathroom, the toilet and toilet cistern are an integral part of the functioning and aesthetic appeal of this vital and personal space. We often speak about the luxurious spa experiences of showers and baths, but toilets aren’t discussed near enough.  

With GROHE, there are so many options to choose from, whether it’s flush toilets, or urinals, wall hung or cube shaped, to mention but a few. A toilet can add to the visual appeal of your bathroom with contemporary and luxurious designs, with the added benefit of comfort and supreme functionality.  

GROHE Innovative Technologies

Toilets are no longer what they used to be. Today, toilets exude contemporary minimalism along with personal comfort and superior hygiene features.  At GROHE we constantly aspire to bring our customers the very best in bathroom technology, and this extends to our range of toilets and toilet cisterns.  

Triple Vortex Flush

GROHE cistern toilets provide a three water outlet flushing system which features a vortex type effect to ensure that the toilet bowl is entirely cleansed with fresh water after each use.  

Rimless Technology

Toilets can quickly become a place for bacteria to grow, but thanks to our rimless technology, our  toilets don’t have any hidden nooks and crannies for germs to hide in. Every surface of a GROHE toilet is easy to clean with our rimless technology.  

GROHE PureGuard

Our Euro Ceramic and Cube Ceramic ranges have a smooth, sparkling finish called GROHE PureGuard which prevents the growth of any bacteria and locks out any limescale and dirt. Crystal clean toilets await.  

Quick Release and Soft Close

There’s nothing worse than a toilet seat slamming down, or the little people in your home trapping their fingers! The soft close feature of GROHE toilets enables a gentle and quiet toilet seat closing mechanism.  

All GROHE toilets also come equipped with a seat quick release which enables you to remove the toilet seat for ultimate cleaning and hygiene.

Selecting Your Toilet

Depending on your bathroom design and toilet functionality requirements, the type of toilet you choose will vary from home to home.

Typically there are three types of toilets you can choose from: Close coupled, back to the wall or wall-hung. The toilet cistern system will depend on the type of toilet you select.  

Close Couple Toilets

Think of your traditional toilet, where the toilet stands on the floor and the toilet cistern is attached to the back of the toilet against the bathroom wall – that’s your close couple toilet.  

This type of toilet will suit a more classic style of bathroom, where you’re looking for a more budget friendly toilet solution. The perks of a close coupled toilet are that they are easy to access for maintenance and may be easier to install, especially if you are replacing an existing close couple toilet.  

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets sit directly against the wall and stand on the bathroom floor. The flush pipe is concealed with a back to wall toilet as the entire toilet is flush against wall and floor – literally back to wall.  

These toilets provide simple aesthetic appeal and are easier to clean than their classic counterparts. There are far less moving parts in this toilet which means that maintenance can be less than other types of toilets. 

Wall Hung Toilets

These minimalistic toilets are becoming ever popular in the modern and contemporary bathroom.  They are exactly as their name depicts – wall hung.  The toilet bowl is hung against the bathroom wall and the toilet cistern is hidden within the bathroom wall.  

Wall hung toilets are perfect for smaller bathrooms, or modern bathroom styles. They hide all the toilet’s plumbing accessories as well as the cistern itself. As the cistern is hidden within the wall, you can also expect a quieter flush.  

Overall, these stylish toilets exude contemporary minimalistic design and are a stunning choice for any bathroom.  

Depending on your personal preference and bathroom design, you can select from any of the above types of toilets in the GROHE range. The GROHE ceramics range matches your home in form and function, providing quality, innovation and luxurious designs.  

Our toilets are available in our modern and beautiful collections such as Cube Ceramic, Bau Ceramic, Euro Ceramic and Essence. The perfect toilet awaits with GROHE Perfect Match.  

Leading international products and supreme functionality brought to your bathroom, and kitchen with GROHE.