Updated Designs and Increased User Comfort for GROHE Bauedge Bathroom Taps

Updated Designs and Increased User Comfort for GROHE Bauedge Bathroom Taps

At GROHE, we are constantly innovating our products to ensure that they are of the highest quality, arebacked by advanced technology, take sustainability into consideration, and are designed to exude a feeling of contemporary luxury.

The recent upgrade of the GROHE BauEdge range was founded on these innovations.We have evolved this range of kitchen and bathroom taps to incorporate our three pillars: sustainability, design, and technology.

Design updates of this range also provide a neat, yet modern, aesthetic to these taps, ensuring the timeless nature of the design.

GROHE BauEdge Advancements

  • Modernised Designs
    The design enhancements of the GROHE BauEdge new range are state of the art designs which have been carefully researched. The existing BauEdge design has been upgraded to offer increased user comfort whilst incorporating modern aesthetics.

    Angled basin tap spouts for instance, provide increased comfort to the user by directing water flow more towards the centre of the basin, and a solid lever with shorter handle ensures ergonomic usability.
  • Precision Engineering
    GROHE precision engineering guarantees a level of functional precision expected from a luxury bathroom fitting.Our efficient production process assures minimal material usage,aligning with our sustainability goals.
  • GROHE Zero
    Our improved die casting production process has allowed us to create separate plastic waterways within the GROHE BauEdge taps.This ensures that water passing through the taps does not come into contact with any internal materials of the tap. This guarantees healthy, safe and clean drinking water to the user.
  • GROHE StarLight
    Longevity of the new GROHE BauEdge taps is ensured by our superior StarLight chrome plating process, resulting in taps that are resistant to dirt and scratches.This also means that the taps require minimal maintenance.A made-to-last finish that is both flawless and tough.
  • LongLife Cartridge
    The GROHE BauEdge LongLife basin mixer cartridge holds a warranty of 15 years.A tap that guarantees a long lifespan in homes and commercial spaces.
  • New Bath Spout with Diverter
    A new addition to the GROHE Bau Cosmopolitan family is the bath spout with diverter which enables a user to switch water flow between the bath tap and an attached hand shower hose.This caters for the ever-popular hand shower trend.

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