Lixil Africa Service Team

Meet the Lixil Team! A team of passionate Lixil, Cobra and GROHE specialists ready to assist in their various areas.







Victor Gericke

As the National Cobra Assist Manager at Lixil Africa, Victor has worked for Lixil Africa for the past 19 years and currently oversees the product support department at a nationwide level. His speciality is forced pump feeds to building sites where Lixil Africa products are fitted and holds a Diploma in Production and Product Management.

He is passionate about the Cobra Brand and says that he can feel the respect and acknowledgement when industry members know that you work with such a well-known brand – and he is determined to ensure the brand reputation stays that way. Victor aspires to grow into a leading position where he can be involved in decision making regarding imported products from sister companies.




Reidwaan Hartley

9 Years’ experience as both a Service Technician and a Product Specialist, Reidwaan holds a Certificate in Plumbing and aspires to constantly grow within the industry, as well as to put back into the community involved in the industry. He is passionate about assisting both new and existing customers with his affluent knowledge on he Cobra brand.

Reidwaan lives his mantra of “if you are going to do something, do it properly” through his daily professional career – whether it be site visits, stock taking, client relations and even vehicle maintenance. He strives to always put his best foot forwards.





Wikus Van Rooyen

Having worked at Lixil Africa for the past 8 years, Wikus has spent the past 3 years as the Senior Technical Support Specialist responsible for supervising the technicians and training plumbers and merchants.
As a licensed and qualified plumber with experience in maintenance plumbing and construction, Wikus brings his passion for his profession into his role at Lixil Africa. He aspires to grow into a more senior role doing what he loves most.

He calls his most iconic project as successfully completing work on the Kimberly Mental Health project, giving attribute to understanding the importance of professionalism, time management, knowledge and self-discipline. Wikus believes that as people, we need to believe in ourselves, our capabilities and to never compare ourselves to other people.




Jimmy Mkhabele

Jimmy is a Service Technician who has provided customer support and advice, and managed onsite installations and repairs for the past 29 years at Lixil Africa. With his wealth of experience, Jimmy still believes in learning something new each and every single day. He has a 5 year plan of becoming a qualified plumber and believes that dreams do come true!

As technology continues to advance, Jimmy believes that every business should follow suit and that we all require technology. He believes firmly that “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. 





Gerald Mkhabela

With a background in construction and painting specialisation, Gerald joined the Lixil Africa team as a Service Technician 15 years ago. He is passionate about assisting customers, educating them on the Lixil product ranges and advancements and views every project he has worked on as a golden opportunity to grow his skills and expertise.

Gerald believes in and continues to remind himself, especially during the current state of the world, that “everything will be okay” as he aspires to improve his personal and professional growth. 





Diego Philander

Diego is a Service Technician at Lixil Africa and his role entails carrying out service level agreements with customers, where he is inspired daily to develop and maintain strong relationships with his customers. With 9 years’ experience in his current role, and a passion for the plumbing industry, Diego aspires to work towards becoming a manager and advancing his skills and expertise in his industry.

Due to the advances in technology, Diego believe that his daily duties are becoming easier and he continues to aspire to extend his skillset to educate plumbers about the various Lixil Africa offerings – and to contribute towards positive change in the workplace. Diego gives his all and believes in using every experience as a growing opportunity. 




Lawrence Gabriel Sima

Lawrence has been a Service Technician at Lixil Africa for the past 4 years and he aspires to grow into a role of Technical Specialist. His prior expertise and experience in tap assembly and quality control has proven incredibly helpful when he and his team installed water saving electrical mixers in various hospitals around the city.

Assisting customers and client satisfaction is at the forefront of Jimmy’s work and he believes in being adaptable, constantly learning and having an open mind. He preaches: “Work hard” constantly and portrays this through his daily efforts.





Moses Radebe

A wealth of experience having worked at Lixil Africa for 32 years, with his current position as Service Technician comprising of the past 15 years. Moses has worked his way, having gained the skills, expertise and experience that he has today through hard work and never giving up!

Moses loves a good challenge and problem solving and worked on a project where him and his team had to remove and install over 80 sinks in under 96 hours and pulled it off without a hitch – the true tests of a diamond being created under pressure. Moses lives by the philosophy that “a setback is nothing but a setup for an even greater comeback”.





Tshwarelo Lennox Mmua

Having worked at Lixil Africa for the past 7 years, Tshwarelo brings his qualification in Electrical Engineering and his experience in artisan work as a valuable asset to his team. He currently specialises in technical customer advisory, customer services, inspection and replacements. Tshwarelo finds joy in problem solving and embraces challenges as learning experiences.

He aspires to further advance in his career at Lixil Africa, with one of his most iconic projects being the Balwin Properties bathtub installations – where he successfully managed to educate the team on how to correctly install a bath without damages. He views new technology and advancements as taking over the industry, and is particularly impressed with the virtual showrooms and new products launched by the company.





Ronisha River

The Regional Service Supervisor, Ronisha has worked at Lixil Africa for 8 years with 4 of those years spent in her current position. During her time at Lixil Africa, Ronisha has assisted across a variety of departments such as the sales and service department where she was responsible for dispatching invoices, accompanying technicians in identifying and assessing products and parts and providing support to the call centre teams.

Ronisha is responsible for ensuring all customer relations are handled timeously and appropriately and concerns are resolved satisfactorily. She has also been assisting at the Factory Shop with walk-in customers and orders. Ronisha aspires to grow into the role of Aftercare Service Manager where she can help to grow the knowledge and expertise of the aftersales customer service. She is proud to be part of a company that stays abreast of the ever-changing trends and technology changes globally.




Nontobeko Verrity Mthwethwa

With 15 years’ experience at Lixil Africa, Nontobeko has spent the part 4 years and 7 months as a Call Centre Operator. Responsible for solving customer queries, creating invoices and capturing calls and requests on customer relationship management software. She has a Diploma in Information Technology as well as other certificates and her experience expands into planning, production, stock control and customer service.

Nontobeko aspires to work towards a managerial position where she can continue to reach her full potential and provide her very best to grow the Lixil Africa team. She enjoys challenges and takes every opportunity with open arms. She dreams of a world where everyone is treated fairly and presented with equal opportunities.





Baatseba Seboko 

A Call Centre Operator at Lixil with a wealth of experience in her current role, Baatseba has excellent administrative knowledge and she spends her professional time answering and redirecting calls, tracking and recording customer satisfaction, dispatching of technicians and capturing service requests – to name but a few of her daily roles. 

Baatseba is passionate about her work and strives to expand upon her skills to take on more responsibility and aiming to grow into a senior role in the coming years. She feels that technology is inevitable and that the industry is responding positively to new improvements and advancements. She believes in “embracing the new with the old”.





Genevieve Hardien

Genevieve has been with Lixil Africa for 9 years and the past 3 years she has worked as a Service Call Centre Agent bringing her wealth of experience in customer relations and problem solving skills to her profession. Her daily duties involve capturing service orders, liaising with customers telephonically and handling the quality control of service requests flow and processes.

Genevieve aspires to obtain a qualification in project management and advance into a lead project management role with the sales, product and marketing expertise she has acquired during her time at Lixil Africa. She is a firm believer in good energy, and that living with grace can only bring positive vibes in all spheres of life.







Julius Serolong

With 15 years of hands-on experience at Lixil Africa, Julius has spent the past 9 years in his current role as Service Technition. Julius is qualified in Sales and Marketing and has experience in Civil Construction. At Lixil Bloemfontein, Julius provides service and customer support during his various field visits. He assists with repair queries, maintenance and job cards and aims in the next 5 years to obtain more qualifications under his belt and boost his performance and expertise even further. 

Julius lives by the motto: “No matter how hard things get, you were born to be a winner – you can and will certainly make it victorious.







Denver Plaatjies

As the Western Cape Cobra Assist Leader, Denver has spent the past 12 years working for Lixil Africa. He is a qualified plumber and has 20 years’ experience in the industry. In his current role, Denver is responsible for stock control and inventory management, attending site visits where plumbers may be experiencing difficulties and ensuring that all service calls are attended to with 24 hours.

He is passionate about guiding plumbers and merchants with regards to any technical concerns and aspires to grow into the specs department as a Specs Rep or National Service Manager.





Qasiem Salie

Qasiem is a qualified plumber and has been working at Lixil Africa since October 2019 as a Service Technician handling on site repairs. He has over 15 years’ experience in the industry working in construction plumbing and he is passionate about educating other plumbers on the products that they use in their daily business activities. He finds professional satisfaction through satisfied customers and contributing towards the success of Lixil Africa. 

He aspires to grow into the role of either a Technical Representative or a Specifications Representative as he grows with the company. A project he will never forget is work they completed at the Sky Hotel, a project where he learnt the fundamentals of teamwork. “As an ambassador for Lixil Africa, he customer always comes first” is a motto Qasiem firmly believes in.



Ruan Matthee

Ruan has been a part of the Lixil Africa team since December 2020 and holds a Plumbing Qualification with over 4 years in drainage and construction to maintenance and CoC plumbing. Ruan is currently working as a Service Technician at Lixil Africa and never experiences a ‘dull’ day at the office.

Ruan believes that a true measure of growth is being able to accept constructive criticism and grow towards delivering excellence for customer satisfaction through experience and expertise. He believes that one should always “do your best, help where you can and expect nothing in return. The universe will look after you in its own way”.