Cobra Product Features and Benefits

Cobra products are produced to offer maximum added value to customers. Download our 2018 Cobra Catalogue to see the various features and benefits of our product portfolio. All our products on the website are tagged with the relevant features, which are searchable by clicking on each tag. Please also click here to see our Product Market Segments.



Durable chrome surfaces protect the products from scratches, are resistant to dirt and easy to maintain.






Save precious resources with water-saving technology.

Flow restrictors supplied with Cobra taps and mixers can be easily serviced by home owners. The restrictors are pressure compensating, meaning the stipulated flow will not be exceeded, regardless of inlet pressure.




For a fresh look, change out the head of your tap without changing the body.

The handle assembly can be removed from Cobra screw down type taps. Depending on the type of headpart used in the tap (½” light pattern, ½” heavy pattern or ¾”), various designs of Cobra handle assemblies can be used to replace the old design.



Dezincification resistant brass ( DR/DZR brass)

Dezincification relates to the corrosion of brass. The minimisation of this is a critical aspect of the quality (fitness for purpose) of plumbing fittings that come into contact with water. The risk and rate of dezincification increases with water hardness and the acidity or alkalinity of water (away from a PH of 7). Dezincification-resistant brass, or DZR/DR brass, is brass that is characterised by exceptional resistance to this type of corrosion. The resistance is achieved by adherence to exacting specifications for chemical composition and careful process controls. All DZR brass must pass an ISO 6509 dezincification resistance laboratory test. In South Africa, the use of DZR brass for components of brass plumber’s fittings come into contact with water is national law. Building inspectors are being trained to demand the removal of plumber’s brassware that does not conform to statutory law



The lightest of touches is required for effortless opening and closing of the single lever mixer






Trained and dedicated service teams are in place to provide support pre and post installation.





Cobra Genuine

Genuine spare parts are locally made and readily available.





Low Water Pressure

Suitable for use in environments with low water pressure.




Please also click here to see our Product Market Segments.