LIXIL Africa warrants that their products will be clear of material and manufacturing defects. Appraisal of the above will be done against ruling manufacturing specifications and standards at the date of manufacture. Defective product will be repaired or exchanged at LIXIL Africa’s sole discretion. LIXIL Africa shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damage.


  • Products used with water pH falling outside of the guidelines set by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry or similar body
  • Products not installed by a registered or accredited installer
  • Products fitted with unbalanced water pressure
  • Products fitted without an inline strainer
  • Products used with or included in installations where water temperatures are outside of the temperature range stipulated for that product, or as laid down in   the Standards for water supply and drainage (SANS 10252 & 10254) or an equivalent international standard
  • Products not installed according to LIXIL Africa’s or its suppliers’ installation instructions or according to valid Water Regulations and general good plumbing practice
  • Products which have failed as a result of dirt or debris in pipe-work which has not been flushed prior to the use of terminal fittings
  • Where a defect is attributable to the incorrect use or incorrect handling of the product
  • Where routine maintenance has been neglected
  • If spare parts other than the original spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product
  • If damage was caused by transport by a third-party transporter
  • If products are used or intended for display purposes
  • If consumables (e.g. filters, filter cartridges, aerators or batteries) or material subject to wear and tear (such as seals or hoses) are affected
  • If product damage is as a result of chemicals and cleaning agents, lime-scale build-up, aggressive environmental influences, or disruptions resulting in damage which are caused by freezing or lime-scale build-up
  • If the defect is caused by specific environmental circumstances (e.g. excess or negative pressure in the line, excess voltage or under voltage on the line)
  • If the defect is attributable to willful or negligent damage to the product by the user or a third party
  • Any product installed in such a manner that it is not accessible to do maintenance will not be covered under our warranty

LIXIL Africa reserves the right to review any specific case in order to assess the validity of this warranty. LIXIL Africa may charge a discretionary service fee as may be reasonably determined by itself from time to time, when called out to inspect products which are not LIXIL Africa products or where there is an illegitimate claim.



  • 20 years taps & mixers, wastes, capillary and compression fittings, this excluding the "economy" single lever mixer ranges, Zambezi, Nile and Amazon      
  • 5 years in respect of Zambezi, Nile and Amazon single lever mixer ranges 
  • 5 years in respect of shower heads, shower rails, wall outlets and shower arms
  • 2 years electronic mixers, components and valves within the electronic range
  • 2 years valves (isolating, geyser and toilet)
  • 10 years Cobra-Safe multi-layer pipe system (must be used with Cobra compression fittings and Cobra-Safe inserts or warranty shall be void)
  • 5 years on Tanya, Widestar, and Scarlett baths
  • 20 years on baths with Amanzonite coating
  • 1 year on spa bath fittings and on all bath panels
  • 10 years on all ceramic sanitaryware
  • 6 months on all toilet seats supplied 
  • 2 years on all other valves not covered elsewhere in our warranty
  • 15 years on ceramic disc mixer cartridges, this excluding cartridges used in the “economy” single lever mixer ranges 
  • 2 years in respect of ceramic disc mixer cartridges used in the Zambezi, Nile and Amazon single lever mixer ranges
  • 10 years in respect of GROHE concealed cisterns
  • 5 years in respect of Cobra concealed cisterns



  • This warranty shall apply in the above-mentioned scope and subject to the above-mentioned prerequisites. Proof of purchase will be required.
  • This LIXIL Africa warranty is carried by LIXIL Africa.
  • Please contact our Service Department on 0861 21 21 21 for warranty enquiries or further warranty information.