About Vaal


Vaal Sanitaryware has been a go-to brand among African homeowners and contractors for decades, producing ceramic sanitaryware since 1946. Since then, the brand has evolved thanks to its commitment to improvement through quality, human-centred design, reliability, and affordability.


New product design and innovation are the result of ongoing market engagement and research, with the company designing and manufacturing the products that consumers demand.  Vaal merges the intelligence and precision of German and Japanese technology to produce a range of products that meet world-class quality standards, applying the latest in high-pressure casting, glazing and pressure testing technology to its manufacturing processes. Uncompromising quality control reassures users that their Vaal Sanitaryware products will last a lifetime.


Vaal’s commitment to quality and durability has remained a constant feature since its inception, with the company priding itself that every product with the Vaal Sanitaryware mark of excellence is designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind. As part of its dedication to giving customers what they want and need, Vaal also offers customised solutions to consumer and commercial markets.


All Vaal products conform to SABS requirements and align with numerous international standards, including European Norm (EN) standards, assuring customers of its longstanding commitment to reliable quality and safety standards. The factory is also SABS ISO9001 compliantVaal also offers comprehensive plumber training facilities to ensure its products are installed correctly every time. 


Established in 1946, Vaal Sanitaryware is known across Africa as a brand to be trusted by the plumber, architect, interior designer and homeowner. With our products being the most widely known and recognisable of all ceramic sanitaryware products on the market, Vaal is a go-to choice for home, commercial and industrial use. Only the best raw materials go into manufacturing Vaal Sanitaryware products, ensuring users will remain satisfied with their purchases for many years to come.


Vaal has conducted extensive research into the field of water-saving, resulting in the development of a 4, 5-litre flushing cistern, 6/3 litre dual-flush cisterns, and Waterless urinals. In this way, Vaal hopes to play its part in helping conserve one of the world’s most precious natural resources and make a positive contribution towards healing the water crisis South Africa is currently experiencing. 


As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on a warranty that matches our product categories, and aftersales support that ensures continued product enjoyment. 
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Aftersales Services Support

At Vaal we are passionate about keeping our customers happy throughout their experience with our products – from purchase to post-installation. We have an extensive national aftersales service team to assist when the need arises.

Each of our team members are qualified plumbers and between them have many years of experience working across all our products and brands. This award-winning team are passionate about delivering great service to our customers and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our customer service line makes us easy to get hold of: 0861 212121.  This call centre is manned by seasoned professionals who can help you out with all of your aftersales needs and technical queries.


We have a long track record in plumbing and are proud to house a knowledgeable internal training team. Our team of seasoned professionals have been in the business for many years and are passionate about teaching and imparting their knowledge to others. They work closely with various industry bodies, customers, and clients to ensure that the industry understands how to install and maintain Vaal products.