Why Should You Be Using Single Lever Mixers?

Why Should You Be Using Single Lever Mixers?

If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, you might be surprised how overwhelming it is deciding which taps to install. Surely a tap’s a tap, right? No, unfortunately not. A little bit of research will reveal that there are pillar taps, mixer taps, three-hole taps, raised basin taps, wall-mounted taps and infrared taps – and each option offers something different.

“The choice you make will depend on the water pressure you have available, the style you prefer and the layout of your basin,” says Werner Beukes, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at LIXIL Africa. “As you consider what you want and need, however, it’s worth looking into single lever mixers whose sleek design and water economy rank them above the rest.”

What is a mixer and what is a single lever mixer?

Unlike pillar taps, which are two separate taps that either sit side by side or on the left and right-hand side of a basin, a mixer tap only has one spout. It draws from both the hot and cold water supplies and combines these flows before releasing them. 

Mixers can have two handles on either side – one for the hot water and one for the cold – or they can have a single lever, which is more common. Single lever mixers allow you to adjust the temperature easily by simply swivelling one sensitive handle. This is particularly the case with the single lever mixers produced by iconic South African brand, Cobra, which has been operating in the country for over 60 years and has perfected the art of the single lever mixer in this time.

“Cobra has been manufacturing single lever mixers in South Africa since 1976,” adds Beukes, “and improving on them, too. Cobra’s FeatherTouch feature means that only the lightest touch is required for its single lever mixers to open and close.”

What are the benefits?

Single lever mixers offer multiple benefits, one of the most obvious of which is their sleek and streamlined appearance. Mixers come in a variety of styles, from modern and simple to more traditional and ornate, and with a variety of efficient and aerated flow patterns. This means that no matter how you’re approaching you’re installation, there’s a mixer style to suit your needs.

“But it’s not only the look of single lever mixers that gives them their competitive edge,” Beukes explains. “They’re also very economical, as the restrictors they’re fitted with, such as Cobra EcoMind, prevents the flow from exceeding a certain limit, regardless of the inlet pressure.”

Mixer taps are praised for their versatility – they’re equally convenient on bathroom basins, baths, showers or kitchen sinks. They also offer you better control. With mixer taps, you’re unlikely to waste water and energy running a too-hot bath as you can regulate the temperature the moment the water comes out the tap.

What’s more, if they’re Cobra taps, they also come with a 20-year warranty. “Our Cobra single lever mixers are protected against manufacturing defaults and also come with after sales service support,” says Beukes. “Every mixer goes through a detailed testing process before its sent out, which, combined with our impressive warranty, offers you total peace of mind.”

Single lever mixers offer a simple and elegant tap solution, and are well worth considering if you’re installing taps in your home or in public spaces. View Cobra’s extensive range, which is available through LIXIL Africa, to find the solution that’s right for you.