What Does the Future Ready Bathroom Look Like?

What Does the Future Ready Bathroom Look Like?

What does the future ready bathroom look like?

If there was any better time to embrace technology advancements in your bathroom, then now is that time!  Never before have we needed a sanctuary to escape the everyday chaos and stress of the world, than we do in present times.

2022 bathroom trends speak to creating a sanctuary and a retreat in the safety and privacy of your own home. A private space that provides everything that a day spa or luxury resort would, in the form of your own personal bathroom.

There are many reasons why this is the current trend, but the most likely due to the fact that the world has had to adapt – people have had to adapt, for the past two years we have had to move inward, spending time at home away from people and public spaces. Our homes have become safe spaces and private, personal space and safety have become more valuable than it ever was before.

All we can say is that the future ready bathroom looks like your own personal sanctuary. How do we create this future ready bathroom, and what does it look like? Let’s explore that below…

The future ready bathroom


A sanctuary

For many years, bathrooms have been viewed as mini retreats for mostly women, especially moms, but this is changing as men are too seeing the benefits of indulging in some self-love time in the bathroom.


Bathroom suites:

Bathroom suites or larger bathrooms that have enough space for couples are definitely something you can expect in a future ready bathroom. Many people are now permanently working from their homes and this means that they spend much more time in their bathrooms than ever before.

Especially in the case of a couple working from home, a bathroom will need to cater for two people. A bathroom space where you are not getting tangled up in each other’s bathroom routines. Double basins laid across a shared bathroom counter with enough space for toiletry items for both him and her.


Organic elements

We’re spending far more time indoors, with many not leaving their homes to commute to work, and with this change has come the craving for more of the outdoors. Bringing elements from outside into the home is on the rise, and the future ready bathroom incorporates organic elements such as woven basket holding towels, or indoor big leafed plants, or delicate flowers placed on vanities.

Bold wallpapers are making a massive come-back. Wallpapers with leaf or flower details and bright colours can breathe life into a dull or darker bathroom space. Tiles with organic textures adding some depth to once white and flat spaces.


Matte Fixtures

The future ready bathroom is most certainly matte! Matte black or matte gold taps and mixers add a pop of chic colour to a bathroom with a stylish contemporary touch. GROHE Brushed Cool Sunrise bath and basin mixers add a contemporary elegance to a bathroom, and GROHE Brushed Hard Graphite mixers are so striking that even the future bathroom isn’t ready for them.


Functionality to be expected of the future ready bathroom

The future ready bathroom is seamless. It’s an enjoyable experience from the moment you enter till the moment you leave. All functional elements within the future ready bathroom are simple to use, where interaction between person and tap or shower blend into each other with ease.

The GROHE Allure Brilliant range of taps is the absolute precision that the future ready bathroom requires. Bathroom taps that add a new dimension to the bathroom with their gem-like quality and architectural appeal – the Allure Brilliant range is an intriguing tap design that provides a new dimension to water usage in the bathroom. The structured shape providing a contemporary look and feel to a bathroom that is unparalleled.

In the future ready bathroom, your senses will need to be stimulated with a multitude of sensory shower experiences. The GROHE F-Digital Deluxe is a cosmopolitan, multi-shower that stimulates all your senses with an array of lighting, sound and steam experiences. An intuitive GROHE F-digital Deluxe App allows the user to craft their own personal shower experience by means of a touch screen or wireless Bluetooth connection.

A unique shower retreat providing more sensual luxury than some of the world’s best day spas, at the touch of a button.

Water preservation will be of utmost importance in the future ready bathroom, and this is where GROHE Grohtherm 2000 and 3000 thermostat will take centre stage.

Instant, perfectly heated water the moment the shower starts with the GROHE TurboStat technology – there will be no running and wating water for it to get to the right temperature.

Perfect shower experiences every time will be the call of the day in the future ready bathroom with hand showering experiences to ensure efficient water distribution, and simple rinsing throughout the shower experience.

The GROHE Euphoria Shower System with thermostat, with its GROHE DreamSpray technology provides the perfect shower experience. Water preservation at the forefront, the Euphoria Stick Cosmopolitan is also available as part of the GROHE EcoJoy range, providing a minimum flow rate of 7 litres per minute.

This is what GROHE envisions as the future ready bathroom. A welcoming, comfortable space that exudes luxury and provides a retreat from the real world. Where technology meets human needs with seamless, ergonomic water solutions.

The future ready bathroom is here.