The Water Filter that Fits into Any Space

The Water Filter that Fits into Any Space

Every space is a space for GROHE Blue Home

Unlike other water purification machines, GROHE Blue Home is slim, and adaptable.  Making it so easy to find the perfect place to fit your new addition to your home.  

You can install the GROHE Blue water filter system directly underneath your kitchen sink, or anywhere else within a radius of 2.5 metres. The cooler is 20cm wide and 50cm deep which means the entire system can comfortably fit into a standard cupboard space of 30-60cm.  

The GROHE Blue Home is so beautiful that even placing it on your kitchen counter will exude the luxury and elegance of a professional water purification system.  

Seamless smart touch technology on the tap enables the activation and stopping of water flow from your new water purification system.  

Each GROHE Blue Home includes a GROHE Blue Home Cooler, CO2 Bottle, S-Size filter and your ideal spout.  



Easy maintenance of your water filter system

Tap water filters do not need to be difficult to maintain especially when it comes to replacing filters.  The tap on the GROHE Blue Home will alert you with a white blinking light when it’s time to replace your CO2 bottle – which simply clicks out and a new one clicks back into place.

A smart display on your GROHE Blue Home tap will alert you with an orange blinking light when it’s time to replace your water filter.  Simply untwist your old filter, and twist in the new one – it’s that easy!

The water source of the future? We sure think so.

Leading international products and supreme functionality brought to your bathroom, and kitchen with GROHE.