The Pure Collection: The Libra Kate Woburn Black Bath

The Pure Collection: The Libra Kate Woburn Black Bath

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious, indulgent escape with the exclusive Libra Kate Woburn Bath, now available in sleek black, adding a refreshingly bold and inspired touch of distinction to any home. 

Bespoke craftsmanship 

The chic Kate Woburn Black Bath is a work of art in its own rite, offering discerning home-owners with an eye for design a hand-crafted piece to add to their home design collection. Each bath is made to order in South Africa, and every inch evaluated against world-class standards before reaching its forever home.

Long-lasting quality

Take a soothing soak in luxury that’s made to last. Made from durable, stain-resistant acrylic, the Kate Woburn Black Bath is designed to withstand everything from daily wear and tear to life’s little mishaps, maintaining it’s beautiful appearance over the years. Position the bath near a window in your bathroom if you prefer a sun-bathed bath experience – the Kate Woburn is fade-resistant, which means it will retain its rich black colour for longer.

Each Libra Kate Woburn Black Bath comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind that their new, luxurious bath can be enjoyed for both its style and superior, long-lasting quality for many years to come. 

Timeless aesthetic and design

Not only is the Kate Woburn bath designed with quality in mind, it’s also a stylish addition to the modern home, fitting in seamlessly with everything from traditional to bold and eccentric home design. Fortunately, black is always in style, and remains a symbol of luxury and sophistication, making the Kate Woburn Black Bath a timeless addition to the contemporary home. 

Easy cleaning

The fact that the Kate Woburn is made from strong and highly resilient acrylic also makes it resistant to moisture damage, which consequently means that bacteria has no chance to settle in to its surface. All you need is a damp cloth with soapy water for quick and painless cleaning, and Ultra Clean Polish works well for maintaining its glossy sheen.

How to purchase your Black Bath?

These baths are made to order, go to place your order and make payment
Lead time 3 weeks and then you receive your very own stylish Kate Woburn Black Bath.