The Intuitive Shower – Push, Turn, SmartControl

The Intuitive Shower – Push, Turn, SmartControl

Welcome to the future… today, introducing GROHE’s SmartControl; it really is the only way to shower. GROHE’s SmartControl allows you to personalize your shower experience and have it remain that way until you are ready to change it for a different experience. With a simply push to start, pause, or stop and turning glide to adjust water flow from eco to full, the ultimate shower enjoyment has never been so easy.

GROHE’s SmartControl has a memory setting embedded in it, allowing for everyone to have their personalized settings saved thus negating any wait time in achieving the perfectly set water temperature. This state-of-the-art technology offers the power of up to 3 shower functions housed in a single unit. With its slim and minimalistic design, it has intuitive push and turn operational dial that make planning your ideal shower a breeze. The GROHE CoolTouch chassis prevents any form of scalding when handling the SmartControl shower set. Whilst the GROHE’s SpeedClean anti-limescale system allows for seamless cleaning with just one swipe.

GROHE’s SmartControl houses the GROHE TurboStat which with its unrivaled sensitivity is able to change water temperature within mere seconds, 0.3 to be exact, whilst having a temperature SafeStop of 38° so as to not burn yourself. The SmartControl’s 3 shower functions include:

  1. GROHE ActiveRain; a powerful and revitalizing jetspray like effect, perfect for those get up and go situations.
  2. GROHE PureRain; the ultimate form of relaxation, blissful spa showers pouring down.
  3. GROHE HandShower; easiest way to maneuver to those hard-to-reach places.

The coup de grâs to the SmartControl is the shower pleasure feature, combining all 3 functions at once.

GROHE continues to innovate from the front with its latest endeavor. Showering is an intuitive experience and GROHE’s SmartControl heightens it. PUSH, TURN, SHOWER.