Push, Turn, SmartControl - Introducing GROHE’s New Intuitive Shower

Push, Turn, SmartControl - Introducing GROHE’s New Intuitive Shower
Introducing GROHE’s intuitive SmartControl shower for a personalised and luxurious shower experience that allows you choose the outlet, the water flow and temperature desired. The new GROHE SmartControl push, turn, shower offers the option to personalise your shower experience and have it remain that way until you are ready to change the setting to a different experience. 
Operation is simple making it easy for the whole family to use, with a single push to start or pause (the water volume will be present when you restart), a turning guide to adjust the water volume gradually from Eco to Full Flow and once your shower is complete a single push to stop the flow of water. 
Equipped with a memory setting embedded within its functionality, the GROHE’s SmartControl intuitive shower allows for a customised shower setting between users that also ensures an immediate water setting suited to the individual users preference.  This state-of-the-art GROHE shower technology offers the power of up to 3 shower functions housed in a single unit creating the ultimate shower experience! 
With its slim and minimalistic design and an intuitive push and turn operational dial, the GROHE CoolTouch chassis prevents any form of scalding when handling the GROHE SmartControl shower set while the GROHE SpeedClean anti-limescale system allows for seamless cleaning with just one swipe.
GROHE’s SmartControl push, turn shower also houses the GROHE TurboStat which, with its unrivalled sensitivity is able to change water temperature within a mere 0.3 seconds.  It also maintains a consistent temperature for the duration of your shower and is complete with a temperature SafeStop of 38° preventing accidental burns from water that’s too hot.  
The intelligence of GROHE SmartControl lets you rediscover the luxury of showering as you surround yourself with fat, lazy droplets like a summer rain or select water to massage and soothe away the day. Turn the volume all the way up for a deluge or down to deliver a fine spray. Or choose the right degree of warmth for every water drop. All at the touch of your finger.
Equipped with three alternating shower functions, the new GROHE Push, Turn, SmartControl shower includes;
  1. GROHE ActiveRain; a powerful and revitalising jet spray like effect, perfect for those get-up and go situations.
  2. GROHE PureRain; the ultimate form of relaxation, blissful spa showers pouring down.
  3. GROHE HandShower; easiest way to maneuver to those hard-to-reach places.
And as if that were not enough, the GROHE SmartControl push, turn, shower technology sees a combination of all three of these functions rotating through each setting.
Placing your perfect shower experience at your fingertips, what the GROHE SmartControl push, turn shower does with water is enough to elevate any ordinary shower experience into an intuitive sensory indulgence that has been specifically designed for you. 
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