Preheated Water at Your Desired Temperature, Instantly – GROHE Thermostatic Mixers

Preheated Water at Your Desired Temperature, Instantly – GROHE Thermostatic Mixers

Gone are the days where you need to run your shower for a few minutes before getting in to fiddle with the tap mixer to get the right water temperature, wasting both water and time.  Thermostatic Shower Mixers take away the daily struggle and replace it with the convenience and comfort of perfectly heated water, instantly, every single time.  

The GROHE Thermostatic Shower Mixer provides pre-heated water at the perfect temperature instantly. This unique water saving technology requires no manual adjustment between hot and cold water temperatures as you would typically require with a normal single lever tap. Simply turn on, step in, and indulge.  

The thermostatic mixer regulates the temperature consistently throughout the duration of your shower for ultimate comfort and convenience.  

Thermostatic mixers function at their optimum on a balanced water pressure system.  

Do thermostatic showers require electricity?

No, thermostatic showers do not require electricity due to the fact that the shower makes use of the water mains and does not heat the water itself.  


How does a thermostatic shower work?

A thermostatic shower simply put, provides the hot water from the main water supply at a high temperature, and then mixes it with cold water to reach the pre-set temperature before it leaves the shower head.  


The desired water temperature is predetermined and set by the user on the mixer itself.  

There is a valve in the thermostatic shower that regulates the temperature of the mixer.  If there does happen to be an interruption to the cold water supply, the wax thermo element will immediately shut off the mixer.  This prevents possible scalding from overly hot water.  

GROHE Thermostatic Showers
GROHE exposed thermostatic showers have an integrated diverter which can be used for both a head shower and a hand shower – or both in the event that a shower has a combination of each.  

Incorporating the GROHE Cool Touch feature, the external mixer surface remains cool to the touch.  No scolding of little hands or caution required when touching or using the mixer.  There is also a safety stop in the mixer which prevents the water temperature from going too high – fantastic safety technology for a household with small children, or eldery relatives.  

The GROHE exposed thermostatic shower arm is also able to swivel 180 degrees for ease and comfort of use.  The smart control box allows up to 3 outlets which can be used simultaneously.  

Why should you choose a thermostatic shower?

Especially if you make use of a solar geyser - hot summer days could mean that the water that comes out of a hot tap could scald your skin from being overheated during the day.  A thermostatic mixer eliminates this risk as it does the work in premixing the hot water with the cold water for you.  

Simply turn your shower on, and step right in.  No wastage of water required to heat up the water to the correct temperature.  

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