LIXIL Africa partners with Peninsula All-Suite Hotel in creating state-of-the-art hotel suites

LIXIL Africa partners with Peninsula All-Suite Hotel in creating state-of-the-art hotel suites

The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town, is a hidden gem with breathtaking views of the promenade, Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel consists of 110 apartment style suites, ranging from one to three bedrooms. With an open plan living style, the suites come in various offerings from studio, mini, luxury, super luxury, and royal suites (penthouse).  

In 2011, Dee de Kock, a well-known interior designer was commissioned on retainer, and in partnership with LIXIL Africa to upgrade 30 rooms a year at the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel. The brief was to create one-of-a-kind hotel suites that are fit for a ‘KING’.

In the renovation plans, all the unit 01 suites were to be designed in correlation to the penthouse unit (room 801, where more time and money was spent on making it the flagship suite), this brought the total number of renovated units to 9 across eight floors. These suites (unit 01) were all fitted with bidets, giving them the deluxe and luxurious feel. Over and above that, the other 30 suites that were to be renovated on a yearly basis were fitted with state-of-the-art Cobra products.

With limited time on the project (3 weeks in particular, with a specific focus on the penthouse), the goal was to use various brands across the LIXIL Africa range, including GROHE, Cobra and Vaal to achieve not only a modernist look but also to implement water saving technologies. 


“LIXIL Africa are pioneers in the industry and pride themselves in creating technologies that allow for sustainability, especially with such a scare commodity. Therefore, the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel saw it fitting to join forces with us”, says Dee de Kock. “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression” a motto that drives Dee on a daily basis. 

All the previous Cobra Karoo fixtures were replaced with Cobra’s latest ranges, Recess and Pause. Of course, the penthouse was the focus with the installation of the new GROHE bidet seats. The hotel suites were updated with state-of-the-art countertop basins, mixers, wallpapers, and chrome fittings. 

Over and above the standard comforts extended to the guests at the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel, including spa bath, jacuzzi, private patio and 24-hour service, the introduction of all these subtle changes not only gave the newly refurbished suites a modern look and feel but also maintained the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel 4-star status.