LIXIL Africa Hand Craft Javett Art Centre

LIXIL Africa Hand Craft Javett Art Centre

The University of Pretoria, advocates for supporting local manufacturing, hence the strong partnership and choice to specify Cobra and Vaal products.

As LIXIL Africa is a product of choice in the department of higher education, they require vandal resistant, water saving, durable but aesthetically appealing sanitaryware and terminal fittings. Cobra and Vaal were both the obvious choice as they are not only fit for purpose but comply with all South African National regulations which fall within the 10400 architectural guidelines for the built environment space.

The Javett Art Centre is a place to feel at home, the centre welcomes anybody and everybody interested in the art of Africa - in engaging with it, exploring it, learning about it, understanding it and creating it. Because there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to have a relationship with art. You don’t have to know art to love the Javett-UP. You just have to want to learn more about yourself.

The building was nominated for the Saint-Gobain 2017 Africa Architectural Awards, which aim to recognise and reward worthy projects from across the continent.

If you looking for some inspiration and a creative escape be sure to visit the Javett Art Centre which opens doors and unlocks exciting opportunities for collaborations across Africa and the world.

                             LIXIL Africa Products installed:


Sweet Pea Urinal  Taryn Metering Tap  Entice Wall Hung Pan

                Sweet Pea Urinal                                        Taryn Metering Tap                                        Entice Wall Hung Pan

New Medical Basin Mixer  Flushmaster Flushvalve   Azalea Basin semi recessed

           New Medical Basin Mixer                              Flushmaster Flushvalve                            Azalea Basin Semi Recessed


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