GROHE’s kitchen taps come with all the extras you need

GROHE’s kitchen taps come with all the extras you need

Innovative design is the key to improving the safety and efficiency of a modern kitchen. GROHE’s kitchen faucets are created to offer a huge range of practical features to make all kitchens easier, safer and more enjoyable to use. Always striking a perfect balance between elegance and practicality, these solutions to some of the most common kitchen problems and risks are addressed by our modern and uniquely crafted faucets – making sure to truly enhance your everyday life.






GROHE’s EasyDock mechanism guarantees easy retraction and smooth docking for your faucet’s spray head, every time. The Glideflex hose ensures the spray head docks smoothly back into position, and on some models, including the Concetto range, a magnet is included to guide it effortlessly into place.



Make multitasking easier with a GROHE touch-activated faucet like the Minta Touch, which lets you start and stop the flow of water with a single tap of your arm, wrist or the back of your hand – anywhere on the spout. Very useful for busy hands in the kitchen!



For hassle-free kitchens, why not go completely hands-free? Faucets like GROHE’s Essence FootControl can be turned on and off with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit, keeping your faucet spotless at all times.


Integrated temperature limiter

GROHE’s innovative cartridge with integrated temperature limiter can be individually set to the desired maximum water temperature in kitchen faucets such as Eurosmart, meaning you know exactly what the hottest setting will be, so that you never have to worry about scalding water surprising you.



Rather than a lever, you start and stop the water flow by pushing the button on the spray head, which can be operated with just your wrist or elbow. To control the flow just turn the valve, changing smoothly from an eco-flow to a powerful jet. To adjust the water temperature, gently turn the valve at the body to the left or right.


Enhanced water

Superior water quality directly from your kitchen faucet – saving time, money and the environment. Effortlessly make great tasting water a part of your kitchen, with a GROHE Blue Pure Filter faucet.


Grohe Zero

GROHE Zero’s separate internal waterways provide guaranteed lead- and nickel-free drinking  water. Available on different GROHE faucets like, Eurostyle Cosmopolitan, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, Eurosmart.


Spray types

Put some power into your daily tasks with GROHE’s range of pull-out and professional sprays. Enjoy an increased operating radius for maximum convenience and different spray types such as the laminar, the shower or the GROHE Blade spray. And on many models, like Essence, you can also switch between two or three spray functions for even greater flexibility.


Professional spray

Designed to provide professional-grade functionality, this head swivels through a full 360° while offering the choice of a fine spray jet or ba powerful shower jet – for ultimate flexibility. Available in the K7 collection.