GROHE Perfect Match is Here to Help You Curate a Spa-Like Bathroom with Ease

GROHE Perfect Match is Here to Help You Curate a Spa-Like Bathroom with Ease

For many of us, the pleasure of enjoying certain spaces has temporarily become a thing of the past. We no longer visit our friends and family as we once did, we don’t frequent gyms anymore, and we don’t enjoy certain luxuries, such as spa treatments. Instead, we’re lying low, staying safe, and spending more time at home than we perhaps ever have before. 

As a result, our homes are becoming many things at once. They’re where we study and work, where we parent and teach, where we cook and run conference calls. And, at the end of these intense and demanding days, they’re also where we relax.

“After almost a year and a half of the pandemic, we have learnt that we have to carve out time to care for ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally,” says Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa, the company behind GROHE in South Africa. “One of the spaces we do this is in our bathrooms: a place of privacy, relaxation and revival. Without spas to enjoy, our bath-time rituals have become an essential retreat.”

In an effort to make sure that people have bathrooms that meet their needs and match their personal sense of style, GROHE has developed curated bathroom concepts. With years of experience creating sanitaryware of the highest quality and in line with the latest international trends, GROHE Perfect Match offers product combinations that bring form and function together seamlessly.

The taps have been carefully selected to match the shape of the ceramics, and the shower systems blend beautifully with their accessories. All you need to do is choose the Perfect Match that speaks to you, and you’ve got your dream bathroom.


Finding your perfect match

“Unless you regularly design and revamp bathrooms, you’re probably not aware how different people’s tastes in bathrooms can be,” explains Stride. “Some like to keep their space simple and functional, while others like to make a bold and creative statement. Some like soft, round edges, and others prefer sleek, modern lines. And some aren’t quite sure what they want: they look at the options available and simply feel overwhelmed.”

That’s why opting for a curated and coordinated bathroom solution can be useful. It places the responsibility of imagining a beautifully balanced space in the hands of the experts, leaving you to simply enjoy the final result.


Here are four of our top GROHE Perfect Match combinations:

  1. Cube Ceramic

    With its strong, minimalist lines, the Cube Ceramic collection represents cool and contemporary bathroom luxury. Every product is modelled on a cube, making it solid and stable as well as sleek and elegant. 
  2. Essence Ceramic

    This range is for those looking for a bathroom that exemplifies refined taste. Its classic lines will transform your bathroom into a spa, with the range offering all you need for the ultimate in relaxation. 
  3. Bau Ceramic

    The versatility of the Bau Ceramic bathroom range is ideal for understated bathrooms. Soft and rounded forms and subtle lines are used in every piece, offering a holistic bathroom experience in every instance.
  4. Euro Ceramic

    The Euro Range Ceramic range is made to keep up with your lifestyle and family. This practical and comfortable bathroom is competitively priced, allowing you to choose your style and quality without breaking the bank.


To find out more and to create your ideal bathroom using world-class products, designed, and curated to complement each other perfectly, visit GROHE Perfect Match today.