GROHE Infrared Solutions – The Power of Contactless Handwashing

GROHE Infrared Solutions – The Power of Contactless Handwashing

As we live in an ever changing world, with the reality of our ‘new normal’, hand hygiene and hand washing has heightened focus than ever before.

Before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the drive for the importance of washing hands thoroughly with soap and water was already well underway.  Researchers in London had estimated that if everyone routinely washed their hands – that a million deaths per year could be prevented.  This was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. That number is likely far higher today.

Today, we need to be thinking further ahead than simply focusing on the washing of hands.  We need to start thinking about ‘how’ we wash our hands, and how we promote the safety of hand hygiene in between basin and tap usage in public spaces with commercial electronic taps.   

The future is contactless handwashing

Today we need to focus on installing handwashing facilities, taps and basins, in public spaces that promote zero contact between users. Contact in our current day and age means risk – and by eliminating that risk, builders and architects can ensure that their developments are adapted for the future of our new normal.  

GROHE has worked to develop intelligent hand washing solutions, contactless hand washing solutions that make use of the GROHE Infrared Technology – GROHE Electronic Taps.  


GROHE Electronic Taps

GROHE Electronic Taps are taps that have been developed with infrared sensor technology to enable a user to turn on the tap without having to touch a lever. This contactless operation activates water flow from the tap when the infrared sensor picks up the placement of hands underneath the tap spout.  

These taps that are able to be operated completely without any touch or hand contact. They completely eradicate the need for the opening and closing of a tap by lifting, pressing or touching a tap lever. Without touch, the risk of cross contamination between users is removed.  

GROHE electronic wall basin taps are available with and without mixing devices, so there is an option to incorporate cold or pre-mixed water.


What about loadshedding?

As South Africans, we face the daunting possibility that loadshedding is going to be with us for some time. Advancements in technology typically require the reliance on power sources, and as such, builders and architects may be hesitant to install infrared technology taps that are reliant on electronics and power sources.  


GROHE commercial electronic taps come in two options.  

The first is a battery powered option with a battery life of 7 years, estimated on 150 uses per day.  The GROHE Powerbox does not require a mains power supply and this is the preferred option for load shedding as it makes use of its own turbine to generate energy to power the electronic tap.  

The second is a non-battery, power-enabled version which would require an electricity supply to function. A back-up power supply would be advisable for this option.


Water Conservation Features

GROHE Electronic Taps are built with water saving features.  The tap activates and allows water to flow for a duration of time as set according to requirements. In the event of a tap malfunction, the tap is set to shut off after 60 seconds.  

Stainless steel electronic taps are hard wearing as well as vandal resistant so the concerns for damage or theft are also reduced.  

GROHE infrared solutions are also available in actuator plates for contactless toilet  and urinals flushes.