GROHE – Eurosmart: The Perfect Match for Every Generation

GROHE – Eurosmart: The Perfect Match for Every Generation
Selecting taps for your home kitchen and bathroom isn’t just about aesthetics and style… it’s also about functionality. How will your taps work with your family’s needs every single day – the taps that are turned on and off so many times throughout your daily lives?
We interact with taps every day, many times per day, that’s a lot of times to be utilising something in your home. You want to then ensure that the taps you choose for your home fit your needs, function the way that you would expect and suit the style of your home.
There’s a lot more thought that needs to go into your selection of kitchen or bathroom taps than you would have thought.
GROHE Eurosmart is a family affair. This range was designed for everyday use by all members of the family – young and elderly. This modernised range of kitchen and bathrooms taps meets the needs of all of the generations within your home.
A growing family’s needs change all the time – small little hands turning on taps and navigating them to the correct temperature, to the teenager who spends far more time in the bathroom than they should.  What about elderly parents or grandparents often found in multigenerational homes – they need kitchen and bathroom taps that are convenient and comfortable to use, with the added benefit of simplicity.
GROHE Eurosmart offers adapted lever variants to provide that added support for secure tap grip and easy manoeuvrability.

Eurosmart Bathroom

We relaunched our GROHE Eurosmart which was originally launched in 1999 as one of our all-time bestsellers. Relaunching the Eurosmart range as a sophisticated and updated range of bathroom taps enables users to match taps to their existing bathroom designs, whilst offering the adaptability for the entire family that Eurosmart offers.
Available Eurosmart variants cater for all of the generations in the family and provide overall flexibility for the bathroom.

Eurosmart Kitchen

GROHE Eurosmart offers a variety of design and functionality options for the most central part of your home – the kitchen.  Functionality meeting modern design, the Eurosmart kitchen mixer range provides slim, aesthetically pleasing low spouts, high spouts, U-shape and C-shape kitchen mixer taps.  
The FastFixation Plus feature makes for a simple installation in your kitchen – no tools or professional installation required.
Scratch resistant finishes which offer a lifetime of use with designs and styles that remain timeless.
GROHE Eurosmart – the kitchen and bathroom tap solution for a lifetime.