GROHE Blue for Perfect Drinking Water Everyday

GROHE Blue for Perfect Drinking Water Everyday

National Water Week takes place this week from 20 to 26 March 2022, with the campaign focus on educating the general public about our unique responsibility in helping to conserve water and water systems in South Africa.

The theme for National Water Week this year is “Groundwater: Making the invisible, visible”.  Groundwater is a highly valuable source of water – it actually caters for almost half of all drinking water worldwide.

Water is vital to human survival, and clean, purified water is important for overall health and wellbeing.  It’s advised that we drink between 2 and 4 litres of water per day – this often means that we reach for plastic bottles of water when out and about.

We may also have concerns around the hygiene and sanitation of our water systems here in South Africa, so we head to the water store for large bottled water or buy bottled water on our grocery trips.

Unfortunately the use of water bottles is a less than ideal situation for our environment.  Every single bottle of water that we drink is another plastic bottle that takes 450 years (yes you read right, four hundred and fifty years) to degrade.

It also takes 7 full litres of water to produce one single litre of plastic bottled water!  So that 1litre you are drinking from a bottle of water is actually a total of 8 litres of water – 7 wasted.

Frighteningly, the energy used to produce plastic water bottles could in fact, fuel 1.5 million cars for a year.

Finally, the worst part about plastic water bottles is where they end up. How many actually get recycled you may ask?  A staggering less than 25% of water bottles are recycled – so where do they end up?  In landfills, oceans, roadsides and in our waterways – polluting the very water that we end up drinking or using in our homes.

The irony of bottled water is that we often choose this water with the idea that it is healthier for us… but it turns out that bottled water isn’t good for our health, the health of the environment and that of our future generations. 


GROHE Blue Home Chilled and Sparkling 

Imagine crisp, cool, filtered still or sparkling drinking water straight from the tap?  Imagine no more… GROHE Blue Home Chilled and Sparkling  water system provides you with the perfect drinking water every single day – simply by opening your tap!

The GROHE Blue filter technology removes all of the substances from your tap water that may impair the taste of your water.

Still or sparking? The need for bottled water simply falling away with the use of the GROHE Blue hilled and sparkling tap.

Finished in StarLight chrome, the tap also has separate internal waterways which allow you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water with a simple toggle of the handle.  The main tap lever allows you to utilise a tap mixer as per usual – mixing hot and cold water together.  The rotary handle on the left of the tap has an integrated coloured LED display which regulates the carbonic acid content of the filtered and cooled water. 

The best part about GROHE Blue is that you are still able to transport your perfectly cooled, purified or sparkling water with you as you are out and about on your day without the need for plastic bottles.  Simply fill up your favourite reusable water bottle (we recommend stainless steel) and head out on your way.

The need for plastic water bottles is no more.  Saving your health, the environment and water sources for future generations. 

This National Water Week, make the switch – move away from plastic water bottles and towards high performance water filtering systems and reusable steel water bottles.  Not just for your health, but for that of our environment and that of future generations.

Just by filling one of your 1 litre reusable water bottles, you are saving 7 litres of water that would have been wasted in producing a single plastic water bottle.

Love the environment, love GROHE Blue.