Genuine Cobra Compression Fittings

Genuine Cobra Compression Fittings

When it comes to renovations, alterations and additions, work around the hot water cylinder or plumbing quickly with the confidence of easy future access and maintenance, it’s hard to find a better solution than the traditional compression fitting. It’s been tried and trusted for decades, is easily installed without special tools and is the one system where components can be loosened for easy removal of products which may require servicing or replacing like pressure reducing valves. It is also the one system where additional tee off points can more easily be added with minimum disruption, or complete drying of the reticulation system which would be necessary with soldered fittings. 

Cobra compression fittings are the original system developed from the former “Securex” fittings at the time when copper plumbing was changed from the imperial sizes and standardized to metric sizes. Fittings were, and still are, built to be tough, and to exceed SANS specifications for thread turns, wall thickness and corrosion resistance. There is a complete range from 15mm to 54mm of couplings, elbows, tees, and reducers in all the different permutations, as well as fittings which enable what would otherwise be tricky plumbing, like slip couplings, a swivel elbow and wall-plate elbows for easy fixing of garden taps. 



Warranty on our products

Cobra also introduced the Cobra-Safe Multi-layer Pex-Al-Pex pipe system, which has become a popular alternative to copper because of its flexibility, efficient cost, low theft value and above all, the confidence that it is backed and supported by a brand as strong as Cobra. Cobra MLP inserts are made from an expensive, but infinitely superior material and are perfectly matched to our Compression fittings, which is why our 20 years warranty is only valid when all three Cobra components (Pipe, fitting, and insert) are used together. We have no control of an alternative products quality and could hence not warrant a system which includes any non Cobra components. As with all Cobra and Lixil products, they are nationally backed and supported by our award winning Cobra Assist technicians, and network of spares agents. Continue to use Cobra compression fittings with the confidence you’ve always had.

For any technical support, please contact Cobra Assist on 0861 21 21 21 to speak to one of our friendly service technicians or send an email to 
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