DIY Faux Flower wall art frame

DIY Faux Flower wall art frame

The Faux Flower trend has hit us hard in recent times and it is a trend that you should not be wary of embracing. Some of the plastic plants that you get nowadays look so good that they could almost pass as the real deal.

Faux Flowers are much easier to work with than real ones as you are able to bend them without causing much damage. They do also not require any water or pruning and very little effort to look after. Making use of plastic leafy greens for a flower wall frame is ideal, the excitement is in the sourcing of the actual flowers. Try to visit PEP stores or visit a China Mall near your house to find a variety. Side-note: This DIY is a little difficult for one person to do, so ask a friend to assist and make this a team effort. 

What you will need to make the frame?

  • 2 x pieces of wood 1000mm x 80mm x 25mm
  • 2 x pieces of wood 550mm x 80mm x 25mm
  • 1 x piece of hardboard for the back of the frame 1000mm x 600mm
  • 1 x piece of chicken wire 1000mm x 600mm
  • Small wood nails
  • Wood screws approximately 50mm in length
  • Wood screws approximately 25mm in length
  • Star screw driver
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill and wood drill bit
  • Side cutter

How to make the frame?

  1.  Drill two holes on each side of the long pieces of wood, using the electric drill, as you will use the holes to secure the smaller pieces of wood to the longer ones. (8 holes in total)
  2. Secure the frame together using a star screw driver and the wood screws.
  3. Place the piece of hardboard on top of the frame that you created and nail it to the wooden frame using a hammer and small wood nails.
  4. Depending on the look and feel that you want to go with you can either choose to leave the box frame in its raw form or paint it.
  5. Drill two holes at the back of the frame through the hardboard that you will use to secure your frame onto the wall after it is done.
  6. Secure the chicken wire to the front of your box frame using the smaller wood screws on the edges of the frame, pull the chicken wire over the frame as tight as you can.
  7. Should any of the chicken wire overlap the edges of the frame, you can now trim it using a side cutter.

The hard part is now complete, and it is time to get creative!

What you will need to decorate your flower wall art frame?

  • A pair of scissors or a side cutter
  • A variety of faux leaves (or flowers if you prefer) I used around 50 leaves and plants combined, because in this case more = more!
  • How to put your flower frame together?
  • Start by cutting the ‘bushes’ of faux flowers into smaller stems using a pair of scissors or a side cutter.
  • Start arranging the flowers and the leaves making sure that you spread the colours and textures out all over the frame.
  • Fill the box up with the foliage until you are happy with the result.

Mount your flower box to the wall and enjoy the view!