DIY Copper Towel hooks

DIY Copper Towel hooks

Copper plumbing pipe is really easy to work with. There is no need to weld or use special machinery to attach the piping together. Making use of epoxy or a metal glue will do.


These DIY copper towel hooks can also double up as coat hooks or even be used in the kitchen for your kitchen towels.




What you will need to make each the copper hooks?

  • 2 x pieces of copper pipe 40mm long
  • 2 x copper caps
  • 1 x copper elbows
  • A pipe cutter if your copper piping is not yet cut to size
  • Epoxy or metal glue
  • 1 x wall screw and plug
  • Star screw driver
  • Electric drill and wood drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Clear spray on sealant or a colour spray-paint of your choice

How to make the plumbing pipe hooks?

  1. Attach the two copper pipes to the copper elbow making use of the glue or epoxy.
  2. Attach the copper cap to the end of one of the copper pipes.
  3. Making use of a hammer and a screw, hit a small hole in the center of the other copper cap.
  4. Using a clear sealant or colour spray-paint, paint or seal the hooks.
  5. Drill a hole into the wall where you would like to mount your hook and secure the wall plug.
  6. Screw the copper cap onto the wall through the hole that you created.
  7. Secure the hook to the cap in the wall using your glue.

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