Cobra Medical Range

Cobra Medical Range


Cobra, proud local manufacturers of medical mixers which are specified and installed in approximately 90% of public and private medical institutions in South Africa.

The Cobra Medical range is designed specifically for medical, kitchen, industrial applications and special need requirements. All items are chrome plated making them ideal for sterile environments. The range is also listed with JASWIC – the joint acceptance scheme for water services installation components and is SABS compliant.

The Dry Outlet design of the range was designed as a feature specific to the bib and pillar taps in the medical range. This mechanism ensures that all potential water that remains within the tap chamber runs from the outlet, thereby eliminating water that can perpetuate the growth of water-borne bacteria.

It is documented that the corrosion products of de-zincification resistant brass support the growth of pathogens such as Legionella (Legionnaires disease). The use of de-zincification resistant (DZR) Cobra brass products reduces this risk factor. Copper Brass is an alloy, made up of copper and zink. Cobra uses 63% copper in its brass) is possibly the most hygienic metal used in plumbing today. There is ever increasing evidence that copper has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and tests done at the Shanghai Centre for Disease Control and Prevention show that, after exposing copper to Escherichia coli for 24 hours, no Escherichia coli was detected.

All single lever mixers come standard with a 5l/min aerated flow restrictor, facilitating water saving and supporting green building requirements. The SABS 10252:1 requirements are 6lt per minute for basins, so our products surpass this.The progressive cartridge reduces the wastage of hot water when compared with traditional single lever cartridges. When the spindle is turned clockwise, it opens the volume flow of cold water. Turning the spindles further activates the mixing process by adding hot water. At the end of the turning area, only hot water flows. This feature is specific to the medical range’s single lever basin mixer, as well as the wall type and pillar type mixers. The progressive cartridge also has a base temperature limiter safety function, to prevent scalding at high temperatures.

The operating handle is angled away from the spout, and the 180 mm long handle, which is an installation requirement at KZN Infection Protection Department of Health, ensures ease of use, particularly for users with limited mobility since the handle can be operated with both elbow and forearm. The handle has no sharp edges, eliminating any threat of injury.
The taps feature a clockwise and anti-clockwise closing mechanism: A ¼ turn ceramic disk head part facilitates the opening and closing of bib taps, pillar taps and side valves with a ¼ turn action.
S-connections with an integrated shut off valve are added as a feature to the wall type and pillar type mixers, allowing for maintenance to be conducted on the mixers without having to shut off water at the mains.

Should you require spares, even for older Cobra models, you are assured of the availability of the componentry and sub-assemblies in order to ensure the continued operation of your existing Cobra fittings.