Change your mood at the turn of a head

Change your mood at the turn of a head

Cobra is proud to announce the launch of its new Spectra shower range.  This new collection offers the ultimate in showering flexibility while ensuring you are in total control.

The products boast advanced technology and innovative designs, all at a really affordable price.  The five items in the range offer a unique sensory experience that is perfect for every mood and for each member of the family.

The shower head is one of the bathroom items that is easy to update and install. The appeal of the Spectra shower head is its ease of use and mobility.  Simply screw off the old shower head, install your choice of the new Cobra Spectra  and you are ready to go – no plumber required!

“It’s not just about the ease of the initial installation. It’s about how much you get out of that simple installation,” comments Werner Beukes, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer LIXIL Africa.  “You can effortlessly have a different shower experience 4 days in a row without making any physical changes to the shower. From a massaging shower to wake you up in the morning to a soft steam shower to help calm you down at the end of a day, this range will change your mood.” And that’s not all, select products in the range boast some cutting edge technology never seen at this price point in South Africa.

Five unique products make up the South African Spectra Collection:

  1. Spectra eTouch: Easy-to-use wall-mounted eTouch remote allows you to change the spray pattern with the touch of a button, no need to stretch or get shampoo/soap in your eye when trying to change the spray pattern.
  2. Spectra Duo: 2-in-1 design, with a wide shower head and hand shower combination for effective and enhanced full body coverage, magnetic docking for easy transitions.
  3. Spectra Rain: Drenching shower spray that mimics the feeling of rain, best overhead shower experience at 9.5l/min, combined with water saving technology.
  4. Spectra Switch: Simply switch between 4 spray patterns.
  5. Spectra Hand Shower: Never before has a hand shower been so versatile with 4 different spray patterns

Product Features & Benefits: 

  • Sensitive Spray – providing you with a spray that is soft, gentle and soothing on the skin.
  • Drench – Full body coverage.
  • Massage – Pulsating coverage, providing you with a deep clean to wash hair, thoroughly get shampoo out and provide the spa massage experience.
  • Easy to clean - Leading technology includes easy cleanable, anti-clog rubber shower nozzles. 

The Cobra Spectra shower range is available nationally at Bathroom Bizarre and Takealot. For more information and view the products, visit brand/cobra/range/spectra