Bathrooms Are Evolving - Here's What the Future Holds

Bathrooms Are Evolving - Here's What the Future Holds
There isn’t an area of our lives that isn’t currently affected by technological innovation. In ever-evolving ways, technology influences how we work, how we travel, how we connect socially, and even how we experience our homes. Today, we can operate our homes’ lighting and heating through apps, and smart speakers can help us turn certain devices, such as smart TVs or vacuum cleaners, on or off. Even bathrooms are becoming smarter, cleaner and more intuitive. 
“When we talk about the bathroom of the future, we envisage a space-age looking environment with digital displays, coloured LED lights, clinical finishes, and a complete transformation of products where we will bath and shower in cubicles that resemble pods,” says Dave Nemeth, the owner of trend consultancy Trend Forward. “But while things like smart mirrors are already a reality, the truth is that people still want to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Not everybody will relate to a bathroom design that looks like it belongs on a futuristic spaceship.”
Some of the technological innovations that are really making an impact in bathrooms, therefore, are those that are familiar and subtle, but still immensely powerful.
The GROHE Sensia Arena smart toilet, for example, uses technology in new and incredible ways. Its spray arms ensure the highest level of hygiene, are self-cleaning, and allow you to control the temperature of the water that flows through them through an app. The toilet also uses revolution surface technology that prevents dirt and limescale from sticking, absorbs odours, and has a triple vortex flush that ensures every inch of the bowl is cleaned.
From an aesthetic perspective, Nemeth believes that dark or grey finishes are likely to remain popular for some time, particularly for feature areas and floors. Natural materials are also in favour, though because wood doesn’t respond well to very moist environments, many porcelain and stone elements have been recreated to appear natural while still being extremely resilient.
Many trendsetters are increasingly bringing outdoor elements into bathrooms, and creating an oasis-like feel by incorporating plants into their designs. Outdoor bathrooms have also gained in popularity. “In recent years,” Nemeth says, “the bathroom has become a sanctuary: a space to escape and unwind, almost like a spa.”
If choosing the right bathroom for you – both in terms of technological innovation and aesthetic – feels overwhelming, GROHE has developed a solution. “GROHE Perfect Match is a selection of GROHE ceramics and faucets, carefully selected for both eye-catching aesthetics as well as supreme performance,” explains Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing LIXIL Africa. Each range is curated to ensure that that it suits your individual needs and preferences, and your sense of taste and style. 
To be truly enjoyed, our homes and bathrooms need to feel like extensions of who we are – a natural and intuitive part of our lives. For more information on how GROHE is making this possible, please take a look at the video below.