About Libra


The first Libra baths were produced in Cape Town in 1979, with the company’s focus on high-quality style and functional luxury which  resulted in the  expansion of  its range to grace other parts of the bathroom. Moving to a new factory in 2010 gave Libra the impetus to grow in response to demand for its premium products, and Libra acrylic baths, basins and shower trays are now found across Africa and Europe. 

In South Africa, Libra forms part of LIXIL Africa brand portfolio.


Libra acrylic baths are mindful that bathing is an ancient ritual, and that bathing is a luxurious opportunity to relax, reflect, and restore energy, while showering is the perfect way to revitalise and rejuvenate. These experiences can only be fully realised if they are embraced in simple, elegant and thoughtful design that is mindful of current trends but never a slave to fickle fashion.


Libra acrylic baths, basins and shower trays are manufactured from acrylic sheeting that is then reinforced and coated with fibreglass, creating an affordable, beautiful and durable product. Acrylic materials can be moulded into virtually any shape, making it the preferred material of choice for innovative sanitaryware design. Acrylic baths are warmer to the touch than many other materials, and are non-porous, meaning they’re easy to clean.


Acrylic has become the material of choice for those seeking durable baths, basins and shower trays that are easily cleaned, strong, and lightweight. It withstands high temperatures and ultraviolet light and is highly resistant to chemicals and mildew. 


Libra Green recognises that sustainable products are planned and designed, taking a proactive approach to reducing Libra’s impact on the environment. Libra uses the most current, energy-efficient and environment-friendly manufacturing methods possible and has put multiple energy-saving interventions in place in its manufacturing facilities. Where possible, by-products are returned to the production cycle, and all acrylic offcuts are collected and dispatched for recycling. Surplus chemicals and resins are disposed of under strict environment-friendly criteria. 

Libra has created packaging solutions that use recycled materials and minimal glue, reducing packing space and the use of polystyrene packaging, while still ensuring that products are sufficiently protected during transport. 


Libra adheres to the most stringent global quality standards and fully conforms to South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) requirements.